Takita Mestre: A Model of Dedication

Trifocus fitness academy - Takita Mestre
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As a lifelong dancer,  living a healthy lifestyle is nothing new for Takita Mestre. As she is always striving to push herself further and do more, Takita started training at the gym and hasn’t looked back since. We caught up with her about what it means to be part of #TeamTrifocus and what makes her tick.

Fitness enables me to push my boundaries

Being a dedicated gym-goer and fitness fanatic allows me to constantly work on a better version of myself. I love knowing that every time I walk out of the gym I have accomplished something new.  I work out at least once a day. Not only does this help me stick to my routine but it also allows me to focus and keeps me sane. The gym is my personal time when it’s just me achieving my goals.

Setting goals for myself to achieve every week keeps me motivated. I believe that you are your own worst enemy so If you believe in yourself nothing can stand in your way.

A dynamic way of life

 What I enjoy about the fitness lifestyle is that there is always something new, a new method or a new trend. The fitness industry will always challenge you in a variety of different ways.

My favourite workout

My favourite workout definitely  has to be shoulders and legs. I personally see these as the focal points of the body. I want to step on stage again as a Bikini Fitness competitor. Competing is the most rewarding feeling for me personally as I get to work towards a specific goal.

Trifocus fitness academy - Takita Mestre

What being part of #TeamTrifocus means

Trifocus Fitness Academy truly has everything in one. The college offers all the fitness courses that I am interested in completing. All the staff are very accommodating with the online platform. This makes it easy for me to work and study at the same time. The online platform made it a lot easier for me to fit all my obligations in.

I started with the Personal Training Diploma (PTD) as I decided I wanted to pursue a career in personal training. The Life Coaching Certification, which I received with the PTD, has truly enabled me to be better at understanding and  communicating with clients. As a dancer, I realise that Pilates and Yoga is an integral part of training. Thus, I pursued the Mind Body Specialist qualification so that I can give an added insight into the training I give others.

Takita’s brand of motivation

If you want to start on a fitness journey, make sure you have a passion for fitness and that you are not just following the trend. Being a part of the fitness industry as any trainer or influencer can be rewarding and dangerous as well. This is because people and clients look up to the influencers and what they put out can be positively or negatively interpreted by anyone following them. If you know you are committed to bettering yourself and the people around you, the first thing to do is sign up to get your fitness qualification. I strongly recommend Trifocus Fitness Academy!

To study the Personal Training Diploma at Trifocus Fitness Academy, like Takita, follow this link.

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