Get More Out Of Your Life With These Life Coaching Strategies

life coaching strategies
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Many of us feel like life is pretty chaoticm, that we’d get more done, and enjoy life more if we could manage our lives a little better.
And the fact is, we can get more out of  life without resorting to caffeine! Here’s how you can manage your own life better thanks to life coaching strategies.

Life coaching strategies

Use time management techniques

You get twelve hours a day (give or take) to accomplish all your tasks, work, hobbies and responsibilities. If you’re not practising healthy time management (both in the office and outside of it), then you’re probably not getting through all the stuff you want to get through. And that’s disappointing, right?

Every few weeks or months, keep a time log so you can see what you’re spending your time doing. You’ll soon spot which tasks are swallowing up all your free time, and preventing you from, say, going to the gym more often.

Time management experts give some advise on how to compile a time log:

“Compile a simple time log by dividing your day into 30-minute chunks and recording exactly how much time you spend on useful and unnecessary tasks.”

Learn to prioritise properly

Getting to the office and doing your job is a non-negotiable obligation. But do you priorities your work tasks when you’re there? Or do you bumble through each day? Do you prioritise the tasks you need to complete outside of the office, too?

Consider keeping a to-do list, in order of priority, so you can see at a glance what’s urgent or important, and what isn’t. (Life coaching experts will help you to learn the fundamentals of this.)

Try to get to the office 20 minutes earlier than necessary so you can get your personal admin in order (e.g. booking a dentist appointment) and then get your work to-do list on paper too.

Say no

Your time is such a valuable (or invaluable?) asset. You can’t get it back – all life coaching professionals will tell you this. So if you don’t have time to help a colleague with a project, or play tennis with a neighbour, don’t be afraid to say so.

In the workplace, it’s not always easy to say no. But you can ask colleagues to observe a simple signal – say, your door being closed or your desktop clock being turned around – as a sign that you’re working on your personal tasks and don’t want to be interrupted for a few minutes.

Be flexible

While your to-do list is an important element in your self-management, it shouldn’t be set in stone. Be flexible enough to adapt your schedule to, say, a new project at a work, a new adventure with a friend, or some time with an ailing aunt.

Finish what you start

How many times have you started a new project or taken up a new hobby, only for it to be interrupted and
fall by the wayside?

Make it a habit that you finish tasks and projects, as soon as possible. If you’re not a good multitasker, then focus on one task at a time rather than trying to juggle multiple tasks (and doing them all poorly, so they need to be redone).

Delegate where you can

Sharing is caring, they say. So if you’re feeling overloaded at work (and your detailed time log shows you spend way too many hours doing overtime work), then delegate tasks to colleagues and staff.

Put these tips into practice and you’ll soon find yourself more in charge of your time and your energy!

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