What are the Lifestyle Benefits of Being a Personal Trainer?

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Come on! You cannot deny that you marvel at well-known athletes! Yes you! We know you are fascinated with the Facebook and Instagram feeds of well-known personal trainers … The Internet and social media have given birth to the fitness culture of today. Everyone has got the fitness bug – from your average stay-at-home mom to the wannabe fitness athletes posing at our country’s fitness shows.

The truth is that their lifestyles on social media are not as made up as you might think they are. These are the benefits that personal trainers have over people in other professions.

Why you should become a Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers are In Charge of their Time

This means that they don’t have a fixed work schedule. They work when their clients need them – no more spending two hours a day, in traffic, getting to and from work!

Personal Trainers write their own Pay Cheques

Yes – you heard right! They can earn stacks of money –  typically most trainers once established earn anywhere from R30 000 –  R70 000 per month. And that’s just in South Africa! Overseas personal trainers can earn upwards of $130 000 a year. That’s a whopping R1.7 million!

Lets face it, everyone wants a better body, but no one is going to take your advice unless
you are a trained fitness professional. So, you never fear about posting that selfie of yourself in
the gym as you will be getting paid for your advice!

Personal Trainers can Work Anywhere in the World

Trained fitness professionals are in demand all over the world. Fitness and longevity is a worldwide trend and  you can rest assured that you can take your skill as an accredited personal trainer anywhere in the world!

Beauty is not only skin deep – all good personal trainers know this

What these elite athletes all have is a well-known qualification. Gyms, private studios and even cruise liners will not hire you if you are not  qualified for the job.

Gone are the days you can complete your Personal Training Certificate through a doggy organisation. You will need a Personal Training Course that is both locally and internationally accredited.

The Beauty of an Accredited Personal Training Certification

Once you have an accredited Personal Training Certification you will be armed with adequate knowledge to back yourself in the fierce fitness industry and work your way up to being one of the Fitness Elite.

So rule of thumb is get down to basics and by basics we mean get an education – and not just
any education but an accredited fitness education.

Contact Trifocus Fitness Academy

Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Personal Training courses are both locally and internationally accredited and have been used as a solid backing by both the Fitness Elite and novice athletes to propel their way into the fitness industry.

Good luck on your mission! We are confident you will reach your goal of Personal Training stardom!

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