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As it was invented by a US Navy Seal to keep his troops in top shape, you would expect there to be several advantages of suspension training; and there are. Using hanging bands or straps to engage muscles using just your body weight; suspension training has become a popular workout for many reasons. It is an effective way to torch your whole body, build strength, and get your heart beating, using just your bodyweight. However, if you are still a little uncertain; here are our top 5 advantages of this superior exercise routine.

Benefits of Suspension training

Requires little space and almost no equipment

Unlike many other forms of exercise, there is no need to invest in expensive equipment with suspension training. Two adjustable straps give you a comprehensive workout for every muscle and by simply changing the way you angle your body, every muscle can be engaged in a pull or push motion. The Navy Seals were limited in their exercise space as well as the equipment that they had on hand, which led to the discipline TRX Suspension Trainer system, which is both portable and affordable. So, you can finally get a full body workout wherever you are and for a fraction of the usual cost.

It is excellent for building core strength

At the centre of the advantages of suspension training, is its ability to develop muscle stability and strength while simply leveraging gravity and your body weight. It provides a total-body workout in a short time, targeting the core-group; contributing to body-wide strength and stability. As a result, it leads to a better overall performance during other workouts and rigorous physical activities.
How does it work? Suspension training is designed to displace your centre of gravity, which activates the core during every exercise. Your core is constantly engaged in order to keep your body stabilised and balanced. This is what makes it so difficult!

Your core consists of four muscle groups that form a cylinder surrounding the organs of your lower torso. By strengthening these four muscle groups, you improve your overall strength and stability in your back, arms, legs, shoulders and chest; which gives you a strong foundation from which to try other workouts and movements.


Mobility and flexibility

Since it targets core muscles, suspension training enables greater mobility in other areas of the body. This is added to by the mobile nature of each routine; which contributes to overall health, improved posture, and bone and muscle structure. The equipment also allows for unique, targeted and effective stretching routines that can be performed as part of regular workouts to increase blood-flow, reduce post-workout muscle stiffness and to encourage greater flexibility in the body.

Muscular endurance

Short-lived strength is rarely at the top of anyone’s list of fitness goals. Luckily, one of the greatest advantages of suspension training is that it encourages sustainable fitness through muscle endurance. When you improve your muscular endurance, you are able to perform for longer periods of time without suffering muscular fatigue. As a result, you can become stronger and enhance your all-round performance on other workouts as well. For example, as a runner, you can use suspension training to build your muscular endurance and strength to compliment your marathon training.

Improves balance

Balance is important for using a suspension trainer. While this makes it somewhat difficult for beginners to get into, it also ensures that they can quickly develop and maintain those muscle groups. When we use our own body weight to generate resistance, we develop smaller, supporting muscles that help with balance and coordination. Suspension training requires you to perform certain movements with your arms suspended from straps above your head. One movement executed like this will challenge you in a completely different way than the same movement on the floor. Suspension training requires the body to stay in balance and under control while completing each manoeuvre, pushing your physical fitness to a level it hasn’t been before.

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advantages of suspension training