How To Make a Lasting Impact on Your Personal Training Clients’ Lives

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People come to personal trainers for a number of reasons all to do with getting their body healthier. But what happens when they’ve achieved their goals and want to move onto the next goal? What happens to your personal training clients then? Do you lose the client or do you do something else with them?

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Why do people go to personal trainers?

The answer to this really depends on what your personal training clients’ goals are.

A lot of the time, you’ll find men going to personal trainers because they want to bulk up and need help with this. Very often, women will seek the assistance of personal trainers because they want to tone up and/or lose weight.

Shape Magazine has some other very interesting ideas on why people go to personal trainers, such as helping them with their form and pushing them beyond their limits.

But what happens after personal training clients have learned all the tricks and tips that you – the personal trainer – have to teach them and they’ve reached their goals? We’re in a tough economic climate and – very often – when client has reached all their health and fitness goals they will leave them because they feel that they can ‘go it alone’.

Karien van der Wal

Consider a life coaching course

A life coach provides a holistic solution to their clients. They look at the careers, relationships and health (among many other facets of their life) and help them to improve these. The clients begin to see the coaches as their friends who are indispensable to their lives. They can’t live without them. This means that a client will be less likely to fire their life coach.

It’s so powerful for personal trainers to become life coaches as well because not only will they be able to train their clients’ bodies to perfection, they will be able to train their minds as well and maintain that relationship for a long time so keeping everything in tip-top shape!

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