What Precautions Should You Take During an Aerobics Class?

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The possibility of an injury is always present when exercising. That’s why it’s important for you to know which precautions to take when working out. This is especially true in an aerobics class.

Aerobics Precautions

Wise up

The aerobics instructor is there to help you, and other participants, during the class. So make use of his or her knowledge should you have any questions about your form or technique. Do this, at least, during the beginning stages of you attending aerobics classes so that you develop good habits going forward. They can also give you safety tips and progressions to get you started or help you to accomplish your goal.

Warm up

Stretch and do warm-up exercises before every workout. This will increase your body’s core temperature and blood flow to the working muscles. It will also mentally prepare you for the workout ahead. Your aerobics instructor will work this into his or her routine.

Switch it up

Change up your routine by engaging in different types of aerobics classes such as spinning or Zumba. It will help you avoid hitting a plateau in your workouts and give your muscles a break from the same routine every day.  Add strength training and core work to your routine. If your muscles are balanced with a strong core, then your body will not wear down or have to compensate for being weak or if your muscles are too tight.

Dress up

You have to wear the proper workout attire for an aerobics class. If you wear the wrong shoes you can injure your ankle. If you wear clothes that are too tight you can interrupt your blood circulation.

Go to a specialty store for expert advice on what shoes and clothes you should be wearing. Make sure to replace worn clothing and shoes as they can no longer provide the support that your body needs.

Load up

What you eat and drink is just as important as your workout in an aerobics class. Eating something light before a class will give you the stamina you need to carry on and perform the routine as set out by the instructor. Carbohydrate will give you energy for your workout and replenish your glycogen stores for your recovery and next workout.

Protein after your workout will help repair the muscles you have worked during the aerobics class. So, make sure that you eat a protein-rich meal after your workout. Alternatively, take a protein shake.

Drink lots of water before, during and after your workouts to avoid dehydration. Work with a sports nutritionist to understand when, how much, and what foods you should be eating to keep you healthy and energised for workouts.

Power up

Your body will tell you when it’s time to stop.  Take breaks during the class to stop from over-exertion. Make sure you get enough rest for your body to recover.

Check up

Make sure the aerobics areas are well lit, have a moderate temperature and are well ventilated. Use facilities with a floor suited to aerobics, like sprung wooden floors or padded carpet over concrete. Check that all implements and equipment are maintained and in good condition.

Cool Down

At the end of your workout, take the time to stretch and relax your muscles. If you still feel that you are not suitably relaxed after your cool down that the instructor provides, make sure that you spend a couple of extra minutes stretching. This will increase blood circulation to the muscles that need to be healed after exercise.

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