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The Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up is a full-body exercise move that promises a heavy sweat after a few sets. This exercise is all about correct form so, understandably, there are many gym-goers who perform this move slightly incorrectly. Incorrect form once won’t make much of a different but consistent incorrect form could cause unnecessary strain and might even injure muscle groups over time. With that in mind here’s a refresher and an insight into what not to do while performing a Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up…

Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up Revised

This adapted step-by-step Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up  routine, from shape.com, will help you to refresh your memory about how to perform the Turkish Get-Up with a kettlebell:

  1. Begin on your right side with your right hand gripping the kettlebell handle. Roll onto your back. As you do so, pull the kettlebell onto your chest.
  2. Put your legs into a starfish position. After this, pull your right foot up to your glutes. Extend both your left arm and left leg out at 45 degrees.
  3. While you’re moving your legs and left arm into position, lift the kettlebell up until your right arm is completely extended. Hold the kettlebell firmly above you.
  4. Push down with your left hand and then your right foot. Raise your torso to the left and bend your left elbow so that you’re supported by it.
  5. Raise from your left elbow to your left hand so that you’re sitting up with your extended left arm under you and your extended right arm is above you.
  6. Lift your hips and pull your right leg backwards. Rest on your right knee. Remember to keep your eyes on the kettlebell. You should now be in a wide lunge position with your left hand on the ground.
  7. Raise your torso sideways towards the kettlebell arm. Lift off your left hand – which is supporting you – for the first time.
  8. Now stand up as you would out of a lunge. As you do so, bring your feet together.



What Not to Do

Incorrect technique, owing to fatigue or improper training routines, could end in serious injury. Here’s what NOT to do while practising the Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up:

  • Avoid taking your eyes off of the kettlebell until you’re up on your feet after the get-up. Maintaining eye contact is essential to keeping your focus, especially when raising the weight of your kettlebell. If at all possible, avoid looking at yourself while going through the move phases. For this reason, you might want to do the Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up away from a mirror.
  • Don’t let your kettlebell-supporting arm bend at any point during the Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up. Lock your shoulder in place and keep your arm as straight as possible. Even a slight bend in the arm puts undue strain on muscles and joints. It could even result in the kettlebell falling on you.
  • Some people forget this one completely! The kettlebell is supposed to rest on the outside of your hand – not dangling on the inside. Simply holding the kettlebell up this way will be a challenge, let alone performing the entire sequence.
  • Don’t speed things up. Seriously, the purpose of this exercise is to build strength through slow resistance movements. Each move in the sequence should be done slowly and carefully, which strengthens joints and improves flexibility.

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