6 Qualities of a Sports Administrator

qualities of a sports administrator
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A sports administrator is responsible for managing and promoting sports clubs, fitness centres and sports facilities, as well as marketing sports programs or events. To be successful; a sports administrator must have a strong interest in sport and recreation; have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and a sound business ability. Other skills will depend on the area of sports administration you decide to enter but there are particular qualities that will help you. Here are six qualities of a sports administrator that you’ll need to be successful in this career.

Sport administrator qualities:

Sound Business Knowledge

It probably goes without saying but a successful sports administrator should have business knowledge that is relevant to the sports industry. You will need to examine and understand marketing concepts as they apply to sports organisations. This will include promotions and public relations, sports consumer behaviour, strategic market planning and sponsorship. In addition, you will need an understanding of sports media, marketing research, revenue generation and live events.

A Flexible Approach

If you were looking for a nine to five desk job, you probably wouldn’t be all too interested in sports administration anyway. However, a career in sports administration requires you to be prepared to make sacrifices. After-hour sessions, off-season training and weekend events are the hallmark of the sporting environment schedule. So you’ll need to be flexible with your time if you have any hope of getting off the starting block. A good sports administrator must be willing to work whatever hours it takes to complete a task. This includes working in the evenings or on weekends to support athletes.

Organisation is Key

As the title would imply, a large portion of a sports administration role comes with managing administrative affairs. This means that you need to be impeccably organised, have excellent time management skills, be able to shift schedules, delegate tasks, multi-task and plan for events. While this might not be the most glorious part of the job, it is probably the most crucial skill requirement. One thing is certain; you will not be a success if you have no organisational skills. It doesn’t matter what style of organisation you use, as long as you find a system that works for you and is effective. In the same vein, it’s imperative for a sports administrator to be technologically-savvy. With the rise of the Internet and social media, you need to be able to communicate with athletes, officials and industry delegates in various ways.

Patience is a Virtue

Your career as a sports administrator will have its highs and its lows; its satisfaction and frustrations; its wins and losses. You need to be able to exercise patience at all times, even when pressure is mounting. Remember that you are setting an example for your athletes, and trying to foster constructive communication between them and yourself, which means you need to be approachable, patient and always level-headed.

Crisis Management

Events might get cancelled, the tour bus could break down or your star player could suffer a severe injury. These are but a few examples of the kind of crises you may have to face as a sports administrator, and you could probably think of one or two far more harrowing possibilities. The point is, you need to be prepared for anything, because anything could happen; and when it does, you need to approach it with a level-head. If you tend to fall apart under pressure, then you may need to condition yourself a little.

Sensitivity and Openness

Things are constantly changing due to technology, trends, and economics. The world of sport is not static and it is impacted by developments in these other industries. As a result, one of the important qualities of a sports administrator is a commitment to reading and openness to learning. This will allow you to access the latest developments in the business of sport. You must also have a sensitivity and openness to change. If you can quickly assess the emerging trends in sport and determine their viability for your organisation, it will help you.

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