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Do you love exercising outdoors? Does high-intensity group training get you excited? If so, you should join a bootcamp!

There are as many forms of exercise to choose from today as there are muscles in the body to work on. Each form of exercise also provides a unique experience, a range of different benefits, and an assortment of people it would appeal to. However, few activities have enjoyed the continued popularity that bootcamps have, and there are several reasons for this.

Why Bootcamps should be at the top of your to-do list

Reason #1: Bootcamps target everything

Bootcamp activities involve various cardiovascular, strength building, and mobility enhancing exercise routines designed to target each and every muscle group. This makes bootcamp one of the best workouts to improve overall fitness and encourage weight-loss.

Bootcamp workouts will generally use a combination of:

  • lunges;
  • jumping jacks;
  • jump rope;
  • high knees;
  • squats;
  • push ups;
  • mountain climbers and more to target your glutes, abs, quads and arms.

Bootcamps also increase your metabolism so you’ll continue to burn calories long after your session.

Reason #2: Getting you outdoors

Few of us get a chance to spend time outdoors during the week. This makes the thought of being crammed into a stuffy gym at the end of the day pretty unappealing. You could go for a run but if running isn’t your thing you’re more likely to end up on the couch. Running can also be unsafe if you don’t have someone to go with you.

Exercising outdoors is energising and gives you a chance to breathe fresh air while you work. It can also be the change of scenery your brain needs to rewire after a long day. Why workout in a gym when you can be surrounded by trees, grass and wildlife?

Another reason to join a bootcamp is that you burn more calories outside. This is because it’s harder for your body to deal with the elements, especially heat and wind. It’s also more difficult to run on grass or lunge up a set of stairs in the park.


Reason #3: It makes exercise fun

Bootcamp is challenging and it will push you beyond your level of comfort, but you’ll have fun in the process. A huge challenge for many would-be fit people is that exercise can be a bit dull. The idea of an hour on the treadmill is enough to put most people off getting in shape.

As bootcamps provide a stimulating environment where people workout together, it makes exercise feel a lot like play. Some instructors even incorporate engaging challenges, games, and competitions to keep their participants entertained.

Reason #4: Bootcamps create a competitive environment

People are naturally competitive, even if it is only to a small degree. When we are put into groups we knowingly or unknowingly pit ourselves against those around us. Even if you’re only motivated by the idea of bettering your past results, you’ll want to push a little bit harder. Therein lies the beauty of bootcamps: they create a fun but competitive environment that keeps each participant naturally motivated to do their best.

Reason #5: They help with motivation

The competitive environment of a bootcamp isn’t the only thing that helps with motivation. A good bootcamp instructor knows how to create an environment that encourages participants to achieve their fitness goals. Having someone to answer to will also encourage you to give your all. If you join a bootcamp, you’ll make friends who will encourage you along your journey. Peer motivation, friends and an instructor who holds you accountable for your progress, all work towards motivating participants.

Reason #6: They help build confidence

Bootcamp environments are generally setup to group people with similar degrees of fitness. This means you can join a bootcamp without feeling as though you’re trailing behind the rest. Your group will develop together through each session and build your confidence through teamwork, socialising and competitive activities. There are even bootcamps that specialise in women’s training if you prefer to workout with women only. It is also the instructor’s job to ensure that you are continually challenged so you can progress. Exercises will change and become more complex as you perfect them.

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Do you love exercising outdoors? Does high-intensity group training get you excited?

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