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To be a personal trainer is both a rewarding and challenging experience. It requires intense training and learning, as well as the ability to manage a healthy lifestyle and growing business at the same time. If you’re wondering whether to make personal training your next career move, then here are 7 reasons why I decided to become one.

Reasons to become a Personal Trainer

  1. Helping others for a living

Being a personal trainer means helping clients get a little closer to achieving their fitness goals every day. The aim is to help clients improve to the point where they can complete their exercises independently and confidently. I also get to watch as my clients realise that they are capable of more than they imagined. There are few modern career choices that allow you to help others reach their potential in the same way. With each and every happy customer, you know that you have played a part in transforming their lives.

  1. Job satisfaction through tangible results

Nothing will give you greater job satisfaction than the decision to be a personal trainer. With each and every client, I have seen a gradual transformation. This transformation is not only physical but emotional as well. I always take great pleasure in the knowledge that I have given my clients the tools necessary to lose weight, build strength or simply build confidence. Even though I am taking them to a point where they no longer need me, it is always a rewarding experience. When it comes to total job satisfaction, personal training can’t be beat.

  1. A different job each day

As a personal trainer, I have to approach the needs and goals of each one of my customers in a unique way. This means I have to mould a routine that works best for their body, their level of fitness and their level of confidence. As a result, no two clients or days are ever the same. I wake up each day with an immense feeling of excitement for what is to come.

I also need to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the fitness industry. New fitness trends or nutritional developments will influence the exercises and advice I give my clients. This keeps things new and exciting as I am always learning.

  1. Specialised niches

There is no one size-fits-all personal trainer out there. In fact, it is a field that allows you to specialise in a wide assortment of niches. For instance, you could concentrate on youth development, fitness for the elderly, sports management or athletics training. If your interests change, you can change your area of specialisation. You can take steps to become the best in your field, catering your career more closely to your interests and your clients’ needs.

  1. Work schedule flexibility

One of the main reasons I decided to be a personal trainer was flexibility. There are few jobs out there which give you as flexible a schedule as personal training does, but it is a double-edged sword. You need to determine your hours according to the needs of your clients which could mean a few early mornings and late evenings by their side. Just like running your own business, you get in what you put out. If you’re lazy and you struggle to commit to appointments, you won’t be very successful. However, if you work hard and are diligent, you can create a lucrative career for yourself. Still, personal training gives you more control over your life than other career options.

  1. Forces you to stay fit

Before I made the decision to be a personal trainer, I had a pretty nonchalant attitude to exercise. Now, my job requires me to be fit and healthy every day and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. How many people would hire a plump personal trainer? Probably not many, so my job forces me to stay in shape so that clients will actually hire me to help them.

  1. It’s fun

It may sound simple, but I decided to be a personal trainer because I couldn’t stand the idea of an office job. As a trainer, I get to wear comfortable workout clothes every day as my “uniform”. It also gives me the opportunity to work outdoors, get creative and move around, rather than sit still. Being a personal trainer is challenging without being stressful, which makes it the ideal job.

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