Is there a shortcut to getting fit?

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Getting fit is exceptionally hard work, especially for those who have been out of the game for a while. Muscle memory will only last for so long. You would be surprised how quickly your lung capacity can take a hit when you haven’t been jogging for a while. Reaching palpable fitness goals being so difficult has resulted in all sorts of idealistic motions from different directions. Various Institutions trap unwitting exercisers with promises of shortcuts that get you to your fitness goals with a fraction of the effort and suffering. So the question stands and is asked over and over again; is there actually a viable shortcut to getting fit?

Short-term vs Long-term fitness goals

Flash diets or lifestyle changes

One of the first things people do when trying to lose weight, is to try their hand at an extreme eating plan. There is nothing new about intensive diets and there are more of them than years they have been around. Fad diets promise different results through varying techniques.
Well for the most part, they do work, although generally only for the short-term. As soon as you resume your normal eating habits, the weight climbs right back on (and it often brings its friends). Beyond that, flash-diets do incredible damage to your metabolism. These issues generally results in more severe weight problems being suffered later on in life.

According to Anna King, a registered dietitian at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health:

“Most fad diets center on eliminating certain food groups or limiting to only specific ‘healthy’ food choices. Each food group provides its own unique set of vitamins, minerals and energy for the body.

Some of the greatest influences that lead to high numbers of children and adults on fad diets transcend from social media, television, magazines, peer pressure and parental body image issues. We are inundated everywhere with the ideal body image that is grossly unobtainable. Unrealistic desires can lead to unhealthy diet and exercise routines. 

Children and teens can develop disordered eating patterns, excessive exercise schedules and poor body image views that affect self-esteem and self-confidence.”

Fitness for strength and the ageing body

Do you remember those days where a short workout is all it took to get your muscle memory looking impressive? No? Well in the days of your youth it did actually happen. Though as you get older, your body finds it more and more difficult to bounce back from long periods of inactivity. This makes consistency all the more important for getting fit. If you were ever the type to benefit from short bursts of exercise here and there; bear in mind that your body’s elasticity wanes as you age; making those shortcuts less and less effective.

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Training for competitive events

Working towards being fit enough to compete in events is a great way to set yourself a tangible fitness goal. If this only causes you to get active once or twice a year, you’ll find it more and more difficult to stick to and benefit from pre-event training. The only true way to reach peak performance is through consistent training, even when events are over the horizon. To this end, set your own fitness targets that don’t rely on competitions and events to motivate you.

So, can it really be done?

While you may notice some short-term benefits to fitness shortcuts, you will almost certainly find it impossible to maintain them. This is especially true as you age. What is worse, inconsistent diet plans and exercise routines can actually do more harm than good by playing havoc with your metabolism. So really, they should be avoided and replaced by stringent and consistent routines and plans to getting fit.

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