We Catch Up with Trifocus Graduate, Siaran Govender …

Trifocus Graduates Q&A
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Exercise Science 

Siaran Govender

Why did you Choose Trifocus Fitness Academy as your College?

I chose Trifocus because it has a great reputation, the qualifications are internationally recognised and I’ve heard a lot of good things about the college, and it had the course that was right for me and the fitness direction i’d like to go in.

What Course did you Complete?

I did Exercise Science because I knew it would give me a lot of knowledge about the body and how training works with the body, and because I’d like to be a trainer and influence people in the right health direction to meet their goals, and this course was a good way for me to gain the right knowledge in doing so.

What did you Enjoy Most about this Course?

I most enjoyed the new knowledge I gained from the course, fitness is my passion so each module I went over in the text book it was very exciting for me and the new information I learnt.

How did you like the Online Learning Material and What Parts of the Online Experience did you Enjoy the Most?

The study material is very efficient, I liked how informative the text book is and it’s information it gives while doing the assessments. I liked how the assessments make sure you read over each module.

Would you Recommend Trifocus to your Colleagues, and Why?

I’d recommend Trifocus to my colleagues because it’s a great accredited college with a good variety of courses that are very beneficial to those who love fitness, and want to learn the right knowledge about fitness.

How has Becoming Qualified with Trifocus improved your Lifestyle and Wellness outlook?

Yes my lifestyle has improved a lot and my wellness, because the new information I’ve gained I have been using on myself to better my training and to better my eating and this has improved my lifestyle and wellness a lot. 

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