Six Health And Wellness Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

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Last year, we took our workouts from gyms to our living room and went from working out with friends to using Zoom to catch online classes. In 2021 we are all hoping that things will be a little different, and with that change, there may be some changes. So, what will health and wellness look like this year?

  1. Mental Health

Considering the past year of pandemic stress, job losses, economic struggles, and isolation, health and wellness are likely to focus on mental health and physical health. The ease of doing yoga and meditation at home has led to them becoming increasingly popular over the last year and this trend is likely to continue.

  1. Self Care As A Routine

With the mental toll that the last year has taken on many of us, there has been a large increase in focus on self-care. Self-care can be a combination of various activities such as meditation and yoga (as mentioned above),  a skincare routine, regular exercise, journaling and reflection, and healthy eating. A trend we expect to see in 2021 is the continued emphasis on self-care, particularly focusing on making it a regular part of your routine, not just moments for special occasions.

  1. Improving Sleep

As we all know, sleep plays an incredibly important role in your health and wellness. Spending a year in lockdown and having to adjust to working and studying from home has taken a toll on many people’s sleep schedule. We expect to see many trends focused on improving the way you sleep and re-setting those sleep cycles.

Trifocus Fitness Academy -health and wellness

  1. Eating For Wellness

With the fears of the pandemic still around us, there will almost certainly be a focus on the health side of wellness. Expect to see an emphasis on healthy eating for the long term. Think fresh whole foods, balanced meals, high protein, and foods high in natural probiotics.

  1. Social Media Sharing

Without regular access to gyms and support groups for many, people have been exploring home workouts and online support – usually in the form of social media. We expect to see more of this over 2021 as people have found social media influencers who they relate to and enjoy engaging with.

  1. Electronic Health

Since we are all spending a lot more time online, we expect to see many health and wellness trends relating to how we engage with online content, both physically and mentally. From ‘eye-yoga’ that encourages you to stretch your eyes regularly to limiting the time you spend on certain apps, we are sure that this year’s health and wellness will engage with our relationship to technology.

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With much focus being placed on health and wellness, it’s no surprise that being a health and wellness coach is a growing profession. To find out more about becoming engaged in this career, please follow this link.

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