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December is fast approaching; so you’re probably keen to leave your warm winter-hideout, get some fresh air in your lungs, sun on your skin and movement in your body. If you’re an aerobics instructor, this is also the perfect time to extend your clientele by taking advantage of summer fever. There are plenty of benefits to working out outdoors so it shouldn’t be difficult to convince anyone. So, strap on your training shoes and sweatbands: let’s take your aerobics classes outdoors this summer.

Outdoor Aerobics

Where did all the summer bodies go?

For many of us, winter takes a toll on the waistline. Keeping warm is hungry work and being active in the cold is a less than pleasant experience. The temptation to overeat is worsened by the fact that we are covered in layers of clothing and our slack behaviour will go unnoticed until the inevitable panic, come September. People will soon start scrambling to recover their summer shapes; and you need to be there to help them along.

As December looms, a slew of fitness goals are made in various shapes and sizes; some of them reachable, while others may be a bit ambitious. Still, the time is nigh for you to take advantage of this enthusiasm and attract those who are imagining a year-end holiday on the beach. Marketing your aerobics classes needs to become a priority.

Exercising outdoors

As temperatures rise, so does your desire to get outdoors. Aerobics is an excellent way to get people together outside and working out in the fresh air. For example, you could hold sunrise and sunset classes as way of starting or winding down the day. Your clients will probably appreciate a change of scenery as the inside of a gym is no place to spend warm summer days. Remember though, temperatures climb at midday; so if a cool spot cannot be found outdoors, keep those midday sessions indoors.

With a little creativity, it’s easy to replicate most gym exercises outside. Holding your aerobics classes at a nearby park with jungle gyms allows you to do pull-ups, step-ups, push-ups and other body-weight exercises. Stairs and trails will give you a great warm-up without being cooped up in a gym. Take advantage of the summer weather and experience the following benefits of running your classes outdoors.

  1. It’s more challenging

Taking your aerobics classes outdoors means you are physically active in a challenging and changing environment. Terrain may be uneven which means the body has to work harder to sustain the same level of effort. Walking, hiking or running on rough and changing terrain also teaches the body how to adapt. Changing surfaces enhance the strength of your connective tissue, which can also help prevent injuries.

  1. You burn more calories

Another reason to take your aerobics classes outdoors is because you’ll burn more calories. Thanks to the wind factor outside, your body must work harder to overcome resistance. A warm-up running lap could be made quite a bit more intense with the right headwind.

  1. You can bring the family

If you and your clients are heading to the park for your next session, you can turn your exercise time into family time. Bringing the kids and letting them play outdoors while you exercise gets them away from TV, cell phones or iPads and out into the fresh air. Exercising with your kids also helps show them that physical activity is important and can be fun.

  1. It’s good for you

Research shows that exercising outdoors provides greater health benefits than sweating indoors. Why? For the simple reason that fresh air means more oxygen, which leads to increased energy and positive engagement. It also leads to reduced feelings of tension, anger and depression.

Summer is the perfect time to start marketing your aerobics classes. With all the benefits that outdoor exercises provide, your clients will need little convincing to join your ranks. The right mix of energy, location and interest will do wonders for promoting your business. Take advantage of the upcoming summer days and take your aerobics classes outdoors this December.

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