The Most Popular Career Choices in the Fitness Industry

Career Choices in the Fitness Industry
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The fitness industry offers many opportunities for those looking to branch out into its many, specialized fields. This makes the decision of which career path to choose not only daunting also very exciting. The key is to decide on an area that you’d like to specialize in and go from there. So, to help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular career choices in the fitness industry.

Personal training and gym instruction

Fully accredited personal trainers are generally spoilt for choice when it comes to finding places to work. With an internationally accredited qualification, diploma or certificate; they are also able to work in gyms and fitness centres the world over. This makes it a popular choice for the young and young at heart who seek the means to work while travelling. Being a personal trainer also allows you to pursue your own health and fitness goals while helping others achieve theirs. Due to the fact that it is a constantly growing and evolving industry, you will probably have no problems finding work, whether you work for yourself, in a gym or on a cruise ship.

Mind and body wellness

In today’s fast-paced and stressful times, there is a massive need for professionals in holistic wellness who can help clients to realign themselves in body, spirit and mind. For those with an interest in yoga or Pilates, this would be an area for you to establish yourself. Yoga and Pilates encourage strength building, balance development, flexibility and mobility, and possibly most important, tranquillity of mind through meditation and specialised nutrition. In this industry, there are career opportunities all over the world, from gyms and private fitness centres to hotels and cruise ships. If you have a mind-body specialist accreditation that is internationally recognised, the world is your oyster.

Sports Team Management

Sport and fitness are ever-growing industries with plenty of opportunities for successful careers.  Whether your interest lies in coaching a social or school team, managing the use of sporting facilities, or in coaching a professional team; sports team management is an increasingly popular and lucrative career choice. A certification in sports management will allow you to organise sporting or fitness events. Additionally it involves work behinds the scenes in marketing and project management. With the growing number of sporting activities bursting onto the scene, sports management is certainly a worthwhile and evolving discipline.

Sports Psychology

While a sports coach will typically deal with the physical side of sport, a sports psychologist works with an athlete’s mind. Whether the athlete is a professional or an amateur; a sports psychologist will help them overcome mental barriers to achieve their goals. Typically, a sports psychologist will help an athlete to deal with negativity, stress and anxiety; overcome negative emotions caused by injury and deal with mental distress during competitions. A sports psychologist will even help sports teams with overcoming communication issues between team mates. It is a highly specialised and rewarding career path.

Specialised Nutrition

Specialised nutrition is a discipline that can benefit professional athletes and laymen alike. Everyone knows that the body needs the correct fuel to perform adequately when being pushed to its limits. The problem is that the most current and correct information on specialised nutrition can be difficult to come by. The Internet is filled with articles from those claiming to be experts but the right advice isn’t so easy to find. An international accreditation in specialised nutrition will enable you to advise your clientele on dietary plans that will actually help them reach their fitness goals.

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