The Benefits of Mind Body Exercise

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If you are exercising just to reach a weight- or fitness goal, then you are missing out on one of the biggest benefits of fitness and exercise as a whole. Although exercise is mainly used for the sole purpose of improving your weight, lifestyle, health and physique, we cannot deny the mental benefits that come with exercising on a regular basis. You know that happy-go-lucky feeling after a good sweat session? Well, that is called an endorphin rush, and it is hugely beneficial to your mood, energy levels and overall wellness! And that is just one of the ways exercise helps us stay mentally healthy.

The Power of Mind Body Exercise

Although every kind of exercise or physical activity will most definitely help improve your mental health and well-being, there are certain kinds of physical activity that focus more on the mind and body than others. A weight training, swimming, running or cycling session is definitely beneficial to your overall physical and mental health. However activities like Yoga and tai chi are more aimed at exercising the mind and improving your mental health.

What Makes Mind Body Exercise Different from Other Exercise?

What makes mind body exercise different is that they are focused on promoting inner mental focus, concentrating on muscular movements, synchronising these movements with breathing patterns, focusing on form and alignment of the body, and lifeenergy.

It has been known and proven through research that mind body exercise is not only beneficial for the well-being of the mind and body but that it also benefits the immune and nervous system. Of course, there are also physical benefits like improving flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, balance and stability, muscle strength and power, and endurance.

Although these forms of exercise focus heavily on the mental state of the practitioner and the mind-body connection, it is not to say that other forms of exercise like swimming, running or cycling do not benefit the mental health of the individual. All and any type of exercise will improve a person’s mental health as these activities are a form of stress relief, reducing anxiety, energising, relaxing and improving energy, focus and mood, therefore elevating a person’s mental health.

There is no doubt that physical activities like yoga, tai chi and even Pilates focus on the mind-body connection and specifically on improving one’s mental health more than other forms of exercise. If you are looking for an activity that will specifically improve your focus, concentration, peace of mind, and mental health, then these activities are options for you.  To find out how to become an accredited mind body specialist at Trifocus Fitness Academy, click here.