Top Fitness Trends for 2017

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If you are considering joining the gym or starting a workout plan, transformation or weight loss journey – or you just want to join the world of health and fitness – you might want to know what the biggest fitness trends of 2017 are. Here is a comprehensive list .

No. 1 of the Top Fitness Trends for 2017: Training for Overall Health and Wellness

We live in a generation where all body shapes and sizes are accepted and seen as beautiful. People’s mindsets have shifted from exercising to change their appearance to exercising to look and feel great and healthy every day!

No. 2 of the Top Fitness Trends for 2017: Bodyweight Training is very Trendy at the Moment

And we can see why! Bodyweight training consists of exercises that do not require any equipment. Aside from the reason that people are educating themselves and teaching themselves the exercises they can do without having to join a gym, bodyweight exercise is a perfect fit for their busy, on-the-go lifestyles and it enables them to exercises anywhere, anytime!

No. 3 of the Top Fitness Trends for 2017: Mind Body Exercises like Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi

People are realising the importance of, and power in, training for mental strength and wellness. That is why the popularity of activities like Yoga are on the rise. (This means that the time is ripe for you to become a mind body exercise specialist. Click here for more information on Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Mindy Body Specialist Certification.)

No. 4 of the Top Fitness Trends for 2017: Group Training

It’s exciting, enjoyable and a great activity for friends and family to do together!

No. 5 of the Top Fitness Trends for 2017: Outdoor Activities are on the Rise

For example hiking and trail runs or cycling. People want to get outside more and outdoor exercise is the perfect solution.

No. 6 of the Top Fitness Trends for 2017: Wearable Tech

These days it is all about being able to track your workouts and assess the effort you put into your sessions.

No. 7 of the Top Fitness Trends for 2017: HIIT

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great form of exercise, especially to help burn excess fat. This type of training is intense and short, making it ideal for those who are limited for time.

No. 8 of the Top Fitness Trends for 2017: Strength Training

Long gone are the days when women believed that lifting weights would make them look like men. Women especially are noticing the benefits of strength training and are ditching the treadmill for the weights!

No. 9 of the Top Fitness Trends for 2017: Functional Fitness is All the Rage

People are not exercising just for weight loss anymore. They want to be strong, fit, fast and healthy. Functional fitness is the perfect solution to reach this state of well-being.

No. 10 of the Top Fitness Trends for 2017: Exercise Apps

People are more driven to learn about what they should and shouldn’t do while exercising. Exercise apps are definitely helping more people get off the couch and into the gym, doing the right things that will help them get the results they want.

No. 11 of the Top Fitness Trends for 2017: Wellness Coaching

There is an uprise in a holistic approach to health and fitness. Wellness coaching is a tool many people use to educate themselves and stay healthy physically and mentally.

It is no doubt that there are more people being active and healthy than ever before. Health has become more mainstream and ‘every day’ than ever before, which means that the world’s population is becoming healthier. These trends is an indication that fitness and exercise is more accessible than ever before!