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Sports conditioning coaches are some of the most valuable professionals in the world of fitness. They are responsible for a lot of the achievements of professional athletes. But beyond that, they also see to their safety, performance and nutrition, just to name a few.

Many athletes entrust not only their performance potential to conditioning coaches, but their very lives and wellbeing as well.

Are you looking to become a sports conditioning coach? Here’s what a correlating course can show you about doing it with success:

Anatomy & Biomechanics in Sport

Anatomy and biomechanics describe the way a body moves and consumes energy when doing so. For day to day tasks this amounts to little more than just interesting information, but when looked at from the perspective of sports conditioning, the way that the body moves during exercise or advanced performance, can bring about some profound implications and findings.

This means that a coach should be able to analyse the way sports people move from a biomechanical point of view; looking at each movement scientifically to perfect them, so that exercises can be adapted and performance can be streamlined in athletes.

Nutrition in Sports

Nutrition plays a central role in the performance and health of athletes, and because of this sports conditioning coaches need to be able to impart this understanding on to their clients, and work with them to devise beneficial eating plans.

They also need to have a sound understanding of the way supplements and performance enhancing drugs affect an athlete, their ability to perform, and of course, to pursue a successful career in whichever sport is in question.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - Sports Conditioning

Injury & Illness Prevention

Injuries, illnesses and exercise often go hand-in-hand, but when properly managed by a sports conditioning coach, they shouldn’t.

Because of this, coaches need to understand what kind of movements put sports people at risk of injury, and of course, how such injuries can affect their performance and careers at a later stage.

On top of this, conditioning coaches also need to be able to understand the risks associated to exercise when performed by people with communicable diseases, or when to avoid exercise as a result of an ailment altogether.

This is where sports conditioning is directly related to the health and wellbeing of an athlete.

Periodizing Training Throughout the Year

Sports conditioning coaches understand the importance of adaptability, strategizing, and working with routines that develop and evolve over time to help a sports person reach their maximum potential.

This is generally done by periodizing training and adjusting it throughout the year, to ensure that the principle of progression is met effectively, so that the athlete can continually improve on their performance and physique.

To do this effectively, conditioning coaches need to understand the benefits and drawbacks of certain types of training when used under specific circumstances, or when trying to reach particular fitness goals.

Physiology & Exercise

Another very important aspect to sports conditioning is the concept of how sport and exercise relate to human physiology.

Knowing how the body responds to certain types of resistance, flexibility, speed and power training allows the conditioning coach to develop routines that meet the exact needs and goals of their client.

This information and understanding is also essential for maintaining and managing all of the other facets of conditioning, including: anatomy and biomechanics, ensuring that the correct nutrition is taken in, avoiding injuries and illness, and devising effective training programmes.

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