How to train the elderly

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Elderly people are not often able to handle aerobic exercises on a regular basis because they don’t have the stamina they once did. This loss of stamina is caused by a decrease in the efficiency of the respiratory system and also a decrease in their muscle mass. This being said, there are ways to overcome these challenges. Below are three ways how to train the elderly.

Aerobic and endurance exercises

It is recommended that elderly people need to participate in 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day. The point of this is to get their heart rate up and also to increase their breathing rate.

Swimming, walking or cycling are great forms of cardiovascular exercise. These exercises can increase their strength as well as endurance as it increases the body’s ability to transport oxygen to where it is needed as well as remove waste.

What exercises are great for the elderly

Strength and resistance training

Strength training will build muscles by using them over and over. You could use weights or bands. Other options include body weight training. All that is needed is two or three strength workouts per week for improvement.

Strength training not only improves muscle mass but it also improves bone mass and balance which will help the elderly person avoid falls and broken bones.

Stretching and fexibility eercises

It is important to stretch before any exercise as it will help your warm up and cool down properly which will prevent injuries and also keeps the muscles flexible.

Your elderly clients can also use stretching as a way to get them breathing right while meditating. They need to be aware of their bodies to perform physical activities. Pilates and/or Yoga are excellent for developing muscle groups separately and they are also good for stretching. These exercises are important for a strong core.

As we know, with age one cannot perform certain physical activities because of medical conditions or frailty. This groups of seniors will have to exercise quite differently but they don’t have to avoid exercise entirely. With proper instruction and guidance, like what you (as a personal trainer for the elderly) will receive at Trifocus Fitness academy, you will learn how to teach the elderly activities and exercises that improve mobility and strength. Click here to find out more.