What Types of Training Do Personal Trainers Offer?

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There are many ways to exercise the human body. Specific groups of exercises can help to achieve specific fitness goals. Runners focus primarily on cardiovascular and endurance exercises, while body builders tend to keep things in the free-weight section. To vary things up a little, they also head for the weight machines section. For this reason, personal trainers construct training programmes with exercises that will achieve your desired lifestyle and fitness outcomes. With that said, here’s a quick definition of personal training (for those new to the concept) and four broad types of training personal trainers offer.

Training Personal Trainers can offer

Personal Training Defined

Up until recently, personal training has been thought of as a fitness-related concept. However, the term personal training now broadly defines an industry that encompasses fitness, psychology, business, and other types of training. Business coaches train owners and managers on how to improve their operations and turnover; life coaches help people improve their lifestyles, often incorporating fitness, and look to assist them with achieving their dreams.

We’re talking about the fitness personal trainer here: Men and women who are qualified to devise exercise programmes for people of all ages. They listen to your concerns, needs and aspirations – then come up with fitness regimes that they’ll perform with you. This is so that your personal trainer can see your form and correct it where necessary. Most personal trainers meet their clients only in gyms, but there are other types of training in other settings that personal trainers can offer:

Types of Training Offered by Personal Trainers

While there are personal trainers that prefer to focus on only one of these, most trainers are able to mix and match the below training types to keep their clients’ journey of self-improvement interesting:

  • Home Training

    A mobile personal trainer is one who travels around, training clients in the comfort of their homes. This type of set-up is great for those who want to be trained but don’t have a gym subscription. A travelling personal trainer will bring the equipment required along and exercises will usually be doable in a living room or backyard.


  • Gym Training

    Many personal trainers are gym-based. This option is great for those who have gym contracts but are struggling to get results or they’ve just started out. Gym-based personal trainers will take clients through their specialised training programmes, demonstrating the correct way to use the relevant gym equipment. Gym training with a personal trainer is great for achieving specific fitness goals.


Trifocus fitness academy - types of training

  • Group Training

    Another type of training personal trainers can offer is group training. Group exercising is fantastic on a number of fronts. For one, people tend to work harder when surrounded by others. Secondly, it’s a social matter and a great way to meet new friends. Group training sessions are usually run from gyms and other indoor fitness venues.


  • Bootcamp Training

    This training type has gained massive popularity in recent years, and it’s no wonder why. Bootcamps come in various shapes and settings but they’re usually done outdoors. These will train your cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, and endurance. Bootcamp training is great for anyone looking to obtain overall fitness and general well-being.

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