Why You Should Stay Fit in the Winter

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We know the feeling, the morning’s come a little later and the sun sets that much easier, and as the cold wind blows in it tends to make us want to do less; get tucked up under a blanket watching Netflix and vegging out. While that does sound enjoyable, there is that small part of you that knows, winter-time shouldn’t be and excuse to neglect your fitness goals, but most of us tend to do it anyway.

If this sounds all too familiar to you, then we have a little motivation for you, with a few reasons why winter is the best time for working out, and also how you should approach it to get the best results.

Staying fit during winter

Don’t Lose Momentum

If you have ever taken a break from your fitness routine then you know, first-hand, just how difficult it is to get back into the swing of things. This is even true for short breaks of a day or two. Now imagine how difficult it would be to reignite your workout spark after several months of downtime.

Keeping momentum is essential for staying motivated and eventually reaching your goals, and a long winter break will do you no favours in this regard.

If you want to keep yourself motivated, you will need to push through the cold months and stay persistently active during the winter.

You Actually Burn More Calories in Winter

Here’s an interesting fact for you: Did you know that your body actually burns more calories in the winter?

Its true. When the temperature drops, your body has to commit more of its resources to regulating your core body temperature, which requires calories, since it takes more effort to distribute blood throughout the body when the temperatures drop.

If you add this to a winter workout routine, it is easy to see why winter workout plans are so effective.

Trifocus fitness academy - fit during winter

Your Heart Works Harder in the Cold

Because your body requires more effort to distribute blood throughout it in the cold, it stands to reason that your heart works harder in the cold, especially during vigorous activity.

This makes winter-time a perfect opportunity for routines that encourage cardiovascular endurance, since your heart will have to work harder for it and as a result, will become stronger.

Shake the Cold from your Mindset

Winter time, for many, is a time of demotivation, and also brings with it, a lowering of mood-stability. Fewer hours of sun and the constant cold also, for some people, heightens disorders such as depression and anxiety, making it more difficult for them to manage stress effectively.

Exercise, at any point of the year, is great for the mind, and encourages the release of endorphins that help us stay positive.

Also, while everyone is losing faith in the condition of their winter-bodies, those who work out even in the cold, are able to maintain their confidence.

Considerations for Working Out in Winter

Working out in winter comes with the same considerations as it would during any other season. They do, however, become all the more important since cold weather puts more strain and stress on your body. So when opting to work out in the cold, make sure to consider the following:

Staying Motivated

If the idea of jogging or gyming by yourself in the cold and the dark is one that is wholly demotivating, consider getting assistance from a personal trainer who can keep you motivated and on track with your winter routine.

Staying Hydrated

As it always is when doing exercise, it is important to drink plenty of water. Although it may be cold, physical activity will still cause you to sweat and heat up.

People generally (and without much thought) drink less water in the cold months, which is already not a great idea. If you are working out during the winter, however, staying hydrated is all them ore important; not only for performance, but for your health as well.

Warming Up and Cooling Down

Whenever working out it is important to warmup and cool down between sessions. In winter, our bodies are a little more rigid and unwilling, which means that even more focus needs to be given to these crucial parts of any workout. This will ensure that you avoid injuries during your workout, which will result in the ability to work out with consistency.

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