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A great workout programme should make you move in every direction – forward, backward, sideways as well as even rotationally. It is necessary for us to be strong in every plane of motion to help us prevent injury when moving in everyday life. However, sometimes strengthening ourselves so that we can move better in everyday life and prevent injury means performing anti-rotational exercises.

Anti-rotation exercises are movements (or, alternatively, static movements) which require you to resist a force that is attempting to cause your trunk to rotate.  One of the chief functions of the rotary muscles of the core is to resist – or prevent – rotation. This is precisely what anti-rotation exercises train you for.

Training Core Stability

Anti-rotation exercises train core stability through the transverse plane of motion without rotating your torso.

Your core involves much more than just your six-pack muscles. In actual fact, your core is a girdle of muscle which lies beneath your six pack and then stretches all the way around your lower back, where it attaches to your glutes, hips as well as obliques. When this corset of muscle is properly strengthened, you’ll have tighter, toned abdominals and an unrivalled centre of gravity.

What Are The Benefits Of Anti-Rotational Exercises?

Reduce Injuries

A lot of different injuries are caused by the failure to resist rotation. This can take place in daily life, and it is particularly common in sports. Anti-rotation exercises are the best way to combat injuries which are caused by instability as well as rotation.

Improve Other Lifts

Powerful core stability may make you much stronger in big lifts such as squats, bench press as well as overhead presses.

Mind Muscle Connection

Anti-rotation exercises don’t need heavy weights to be effective. What they really necessitate is for you to hone in on the muscles that are being worked in order to resist rotation. Therefore, you will develop your mind muscle connection of your core. This will move over to bigger lifts where you normally don’t think about your core, although your core is performing a lot of work, for example squats as well as deadlifts.

Fix Improper Movement Patterns And Imbalances

Many individuals over the age of 25 have developed inappropriate movement patterns which are challenging to break. This could be triggered by their training techniques or injuries. In any case, anti-rotational exercises can help you to readjust these movement patterns.

Acceleration And Deceleration

Anti-rotation exercises can significantly improve your ability to accelerate – as well as decelerate -through multiple directions. This will be important for multi-direction explosive power in addition to reducing the chance of injury when doing so.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - anti rotational exercises

An Example Of An Anti-Rotational Exercise

Single Leg Deadlifts

Single Leg Deadlifts (otherwise called Single Leg Squats) and Single Leg Lunges, for that matter, all need your core to stabilise in order to help you to balance and prevent your from falling over.

In addition, these exercises are also unilateral movements which force each side to work separately to correct imbalances and avoid injury.

Single leg deadlifts are a wonderful anti-rotational movement as your core needs to work in order to keep your hips level – as well as your body steady – as you hinge over and stand back up. You do not need to rotate when doing this movement, which necessitates core strength and stability, particular as you add weight.

In addition, this move works one of the largest muscles in your body in addition to a vital muscle of your core – your glutes. Strong glutes can assist with protecting your lower back from pain when you do rotate and even help you rotate correctly.

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