How Can I Get Back Into Exercise After a Long Break?

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Between work commitments, family obligations and also social events, it may seem scary — and utterly impossible — to put anything else onto your plate. As a result, individuals tend to sacrifice the one thing which they might not enjoy doing — exercise.

Maybe it started with a busy week, and then one week later turned into two and then – before you knew it – you hadn’t visited the gym in a number of months. Whatever the culprit, there are successful ways to pull yourself out of a workout rut and then create a lasting routine.

Manage Your Expectations

Individuals who have taken a long break from exercise are expected to find that they may not be able to do the things which they once are able to. Whether this is running a marathon or holding a yoga pose, fitness and exercise experts say that not being able to perform at exactly the same level which is to be expected.

Still, this may be challenging for some to accept.

Our physical appearance, our perceived fitness as well as our identity as an athlete or fit person are all a part of who we are. As we age – or when significant long-term events happen in our lives – our fitness can also be negatively impacted. When that happens there is cognitive dissonance between our fitness-based identity and the reality of the situation.


One of the very first steps before you really dive back into a workout routine is to plan out what you want your exercise routine to look like as well as how you want to get there.

If it’s been a good long while ever since you last worked out, you’ll absolutely want to start small. Doing too much too soon can engulf you mentally. And a thorough routine may ultimately feel like too much to deal with, which in return makes you feel like you’ve been defeated.

It is exceptionally critical that you come to terms with the fact that you’re perhaps will not be as fit as you happened to be when you stopped exercising. This is OK. You can begin with just 10 minutes a day; the aim is just to get moving more.

As you make plans about how to start exercising again, think about your habits and goals. Schedule and go from there. It can also be of assistance to think of ways in order to motivate yourself.

Connecting with a workout buddy is a fantastic way to remain consistent and be encouraged. Find a friend who is working out already and has an exercise routine. That person can be a fundamental motivator. If you would instead share the starting line, find a friend who is looking to get back into a regular routine. Together, you will be able to keep each other motivated and accountable.

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