What Are The Best Exercises To Integrate Into Your Workday?

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Do you find it challenging to make time to get to the gym or keep up with regular exercises outside of work? If your work schedule doesn’t allow you to spend hours at the gym or exercising every week, you need to do your best to find creative ways in order to incorporate physical activity into your workday. This is incredibly important if you sit for long periods of time at your job. This is because research overwhelmingly links prolonged sitting with poor health outcomes as well as even increased mortality rates.

The great news is that just because you don’t find yourself at the gym as often as you’d like, there are still creative ways that you can employ in order to get your daily dose of exercise in.

Don’t Take The Lift

Throughout your workday, you should try to find as many chances to walk or move as possible, for example climbing the stairs instead of getting into the lift. If your workplace in an office building with stairs, you could even take a few 10-minute breaks throughout the day in order to do runs up and down several flights so that your heart rate gets going, burning calories, and toning your lower half.

Stand Up

Look for opportunities to get out of your office chair. Stand while you’re talking on the phone. If it’s at all possible, skip instant messaging and email and rather walk to a colleague’s desk for a face-to-face chat.

Take Time To Smell The Roses

Whether you’re going out to buy lunch or are taking a 15-minute walk around the building, make a little bit of time every day, weather permitting of course, to get outside, breathe in some fresh air, as well as move your body.

By doing this not only will you feel re-focused as well as re-energised for the rest of your workday, but your body will really thank you for the physical exercise. If you feel that you don’t have the ability to take that much time away from your workload, try to utilise your outside time to multitask by returning phone calls or participating in conference calls which don’t require you to be in front of a computer.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - exercises

Make A Fitness Appointment

Make time for exercise before or after your workday or, alternatively, during your lunch break. Think about scheduling time for your workouts on your calendar. Treat them like important appointments.

Store resistance bands — stretchy cords or tubes that offer weight-like resistance when you pull on them — or small hand weights in a desk drawer or cabinet. Do arm curls between meetings or tasks.

The Power Of Teamwork

Organise a lunchtime walking group. Enjoy the friendship and banter of others who are ready and rearing to lace up their walking shoes. You are able to hold each other accountable for regular exercise — and offer encouragement to one another when the going gets tough.

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