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The health and fitness industry has made giant leaps over the past decade. In the past couple of years, exercises that were traditionally only done by diehard strength athletes are making their way into the health and fitness routines of normal gym-goers who are looking to improve their health.

A farmer’s walk — which is also known as a farmer’s carry, suitcase carry, or loaded carry — is a type of general strength exercise in which you hold a kettlebell or a substantial load while walking in a straight line.

The farmers walk exercise is extremely simple, but effective movement. All the equipment that you require are (one or) two weights as well as some space to walk back and forth in. In addition, you are also even able to use household items such as jugs or an actual suitcase that is loaded with books if you don’t have weights. Not only does this go towards enhancing sports-specific areas but it also helps to address weaknesses in your everyday life.

What Are The Benefits Of The Farmers Walk Exercise?

Improved Posture

The farmers walk improves your posture by increasing your awareness of your muscles as well as your body in general as well as forcing you to think hard about your form. In addition to this, it creates stability and eradicates imbalances in your body (especially if two weights are used at a time). By default, this leads to better posture.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - farmers walk

Improved Grip Strength

A weak grip is certainly something you will want to fix before you begin taking deadlifts or other strength-training techniques seriously. If you don’t concentrate on your grip then you’ll never be able to reach your maximum potential with free weights or sports.

The farmer’s walk strengthens your grip through working your wrists, hands, forearms, shoulders, and back altogether. This is because all of these muscles support grip strength when they are properly trained.

Lowers Risk Of Injury

The farmers walk (with lesser weights perhaps) is really quite a natural movement for our bodies. As humans, we were made with the ability to carry objects from one locale to another place, more so than we were to lift and then hold them in unnatural poses.

When you begin small and then work your way up, the chances of injury are slim if you keep proper form as well as focus on what you’re doing. Although there’s a risk with every exercise, one of the farmers walk benefits is that it’s less likely to injure you as opposed to the more strenuous weight-lifting movements.

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