What Are The Best Stretches To Alleviate Leg Pain?

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At some point in every person’s life, they will experience leg pain. From athletic activities right down to chronic illness, there are a myriad of reasons why it’s so common to live with discomfort. But sometimes, leg pain is so strong that it can make every day routines feel like mammoth tasks. If the pain you experience in your legs, even something which is as straightforward as getting up from bed and driving becomes an annoyance.

Leg pain can take place for a variety of reasons. However, all leg pains are categorised into three main types.

What Are The Three Types of Leg Pain?


Musculoskeletal leg pain is the type of leg pain which is most often seen. This kind of leg pain is associated with the muscles or skeletal system. Conditions seen in this category are muscle strain, ligament as well as tendon strain.

Muscle pain is the most commonly seen type of pain.


Conditions in this category of leg pain are Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), peripheral artery diseases, or varicose veins. In this type of leg pain, skin discoloration can also be another symptom.


Conditions such as sciatic leg pain (which involves sciatic nerve compression), neural damage, neuropathy (diabetic leg pain) fall under this category.

Here are some stretches to assist with alleviating leg pain.

Hamstring Stretches

The hamstring muscles can be found on the back of the upper leg. If they’re feeling a bit tender after leg day at the gym or after you’ve run a half marathon, sit down on the floor and then bend forward from your waist. Try to bend as far as you can while keeping your legs straight. Hold the position for 20 seconds. Release and repeat a total of three times.

Calf Stretches

Stand at arm’s length from a wall. Put both of your hands on the wall, shoulder-distance apart. After this, take a step back with one leg while – at the same time – keeping a pushing motion against the wall. Maintain your position for between 20 and 30 seconds. Release and repeat with your other leg.

Hip Flexor Stretches

Sit on the floor with your back up tall. Put the bottoms of your feet together in front of you. Pull your heels towards you and then slowly push your knees down to the floor. Maintain your position for 30 seconds.

Alternatively, you can perform a standing hamstring stretch.

Stand and then cross our right foot over your left foot. Bend forward slowly until your forehead is facing your knees. Keep your legs straight while you’re holding this position. Maintain it for approximately 20 seconds. When you return to a full upright position, cross the left foot over the right foot and do it again.

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