What Does A Personal Training Course Cover?

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Personal training has really gained popularity over the last few years. With more and more people wanting the assistance of a trainer to help achieve their fitness goals, it’s not surprising that the demand for personal trainers has increased.

Personal trainers are friendly, energetic and enthusiastic about health and fitness. If this sounds like you, personal training might be right career choice.

What exactly does a personal trainer do?

Personal trainers help their clients to achieve their health and fitness goals. They do this by assessing the clients’ current fitness level, then setting realistic goals and workout plans for reaching them.

They also motivate and coach their clients in order to help them stick to their workout plan, while offering advice on health, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Trainers also make sure that exercises are carried out safely and effectively.

What Does A Personal Training Course Include?

To become a personal trainer you need to have the appropriate skills and qualifications. Signing up for a personal training course is the first step toward becoming a professional personal trainer.

Quality fitness education institutions offer courses which cover topics like:

  • Fitness Instruction (Gym)
  • Health, Fitness and Exercise Instruction
  • Instructing Exercise and Fitness
  • Fitness Instruction and Personal Training
  • Personal Training
  • Sport Science and Personal Training

What Does The Job Include?

As we mentioned earlier, being a personal training means that your job is to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. It is the perfect career for anyone who is passionate about health, fitness and helping others.

A personal trainer is responsible for creating customised fitness programmes for their clients. Trainers motivate and guide their clients toward achieving their goals.

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Each client will have different goals and needs. Some may want to manage their weight, while others may want to gain muscle mass, and some may need help to train for a sporting event.

As personal trainer you will help them to exercise correctly using tailored workouts and plans. You will also instruct your clients on how to use fitness equipment, and give advice about aerobic classes and weight training.

Remember that personal trainers are very different from gym instructors. Because personal trainers have more fitness qualifications, they are also able to provide clients with tailored health and exercise advice.

As a personal trainer you may get to work in a gym, outdoors, at a client’s private residence, at a fancy hotel or even on a holiday resort. The opportunities are endless!

As a personal trainer a typical day at work looks something like this:

  • Carrying out assessments to establish your client’s fitness level
  • Leading group sessions or private sessions with your clients
  • Helping to identify goals and creating customised workout plans
  • Keeping track of your clients’ progress
  • Giving advice on health, nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • Staying up to date with the latest personal training techniques
  • Building and maintaining a positive, professional and trusting relationship with clients
  • Making sure clients are always challenged, engaged and motivated in their workouts
  • Seeking and providing feedback to each client
  • Being a positive, enthusiastic role model for your clients
  • Creating a positive and safe workout environment for clients
  • Having a good understanding of the human body and nutrition
  • You will need to have a high level of enthusiasm and drive
  • You will be required to be a problem solver and offer advice on stress management

Why A Personal Training Course Is Necessary

With growing popularity of personal training as a career, it’s always a good idea to gain as much knowledge as possible in order to become an expert in your field. This will help to advance your career, give you greater understanding of the fitness industry and may offer you the chance to connect with other professionals in your field.

Trifocus Fitness Academy has a wide variety of courses available to help you become an accredited personal trainer or fitness instructor. The courses on offer can also help to improve your career prospects. Want to learn more about it? Visit our website for more information!