What Kind Of Personality Do You Need To Become A Personal Trainer?

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Personal trainers are friendly, certified professionals who love everything related to health and fitness. But trainers have more than just passion and drive – they possess an extensive knowledge of health, nutrition and general fitness. Trainers know what workouts to recommend and how to help clients execute their training routines safely and effectively.

Their main focus is to help their clients achieve their health and fitness goals. They do this by assessing the client’s current fitness level, then setting realistic goals and workout plans for reaching them. They also motivate and coach their clients in order to help them stick to their workout plan while offering advice on health, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Personal trainers are known for having infectious personalities with an undeniable energy and enthusiasm. This is necessary because trainers are often required to take on multiple roles such as coach, mentor, confidante and friend.

Being so many things for loads of different people can be taxing. That’s why it’s important for a personal trainer to have the right personality traits to be successful in such a unique career.

Personality Traits Every Personal Trainer Should Have

  • Dedication

This is one of the most important traits a trainer should have. Personal training is a very hands-on career. Most clients enlist the help of a personal trainer because they are unhappy in their own skin and want to make some serious health, fitness and even lifestyle changes. As a trainer it is you job to make your clients a top priority and meet the specific needs of each individual.

  • Listening

A client’s life circumstance often plays an important role in their overall health and fitness level. As a trainer it is your job to listen to what your clients share with you during training sessions. Even the most insignificant conversations may reveal important information that can be used when customising a personal training program. It’s also important to listen to clients’ feedback regarding the workout routines. Clients are happiest when they are listened to and understood.

  • Patience

Making changes regarding health and fitness is often a long, challenging and sometimes tedious task. There will be lots of setbacks and frustration along that journey. A good personal trainer will show patience and understanding throughout a client’s fitness journey, especially when they’ve hit a rough patch in meeting their goals.

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  • Humility

No one likes a know-it-all. This is especially true when it comes to personal trainers. Trainers who think they know everything related to workouts and nutrition don’t have a very good reputation. A good trainer will be willing to learn, understand and be humble – even when they know they are right.

  • Understanding

Being a personal trainer can be challenging – for the trainer and trainee. Clients may struggle and feel uncomfortable in their own skin. This is why it’s essential for trainers to be understanding. Clients will feel more at ease if they feel their trainer can relate to their concerns.

  • Optimism

Working out can be tough. Because of this people often get discouraged and are tempted to give up. As a personal trainer you will need you to be a friend, a coach, a mentor and personal cheerleader to your clients. As a trainer it is your job to maintain a high level of optimism in order to motivate your clients. This optimism will prevent clients from becoming discouraged and help them stick to their training program.

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