What Every Pilates Instructor Needs to Know

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As with all group fitness instructors, there are certain things that every great Pilates instructor needs to know.  These must-know pearls of wisdom range from an intimate knowledge of Pilates principles to how to run a group fitness class and making a success of their own Pilates business. Take a look.

Fundamental Knowledge for a Pilates Instructor

Joseph Pilates developed ‘contrology’ – what Pilates was first known as – in the early 20th century. And not much has changed with the art of Pilates since then. All movements are slow and controlled, focusing on activating the core.

Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Comprehensive Pilates Course teaches students the time-honoured movements that Joseph himself developed. Modules on this course include:

  • Basic matwork,
  • Intermediate matwork,
  • Small barrel,
  • Basic Ball Series,
  • Intermediate ball series,
  • Theraband series,
  • Basic reformer series,
  • Intermediate reformer series,
  • Basic chair series,
  • Intermediate chair series,
  • Electric chair series, and
  • Basic cadillac series.

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How a Pilates Instructor Needs to Run a Group Fitness Class

Be it a spinning class, aerobics session or Pilates class, the principles of running a group fitness class are the same:

  • Concentrate on your clients. Make sure that they are comfortable with performing the exercises that you have included in your class and – if they are having trouble – help them.
  • Make your music appropriate tforo the exercise discipline you’re teaching. In Pilates, the goal is to get people relaxed and focused on the movements. Don’t choose a high-pace, high-energy tune that will get people fired up as a spinning instructor would. Choose a playlist that will get your clients in the right zone.

The Principles According to Which a Pilates Instructor needs to Run Their Business

Running a Pilates business is no different from running any other type of fitness business. It is your responsibility to make sure that you succeed – no one else’s. You are the face of the business. You are, ultimately, an entrepreneur.

Make sure that you live the principles that Joseph Pilates set out as you are a walking billboard for your business. If people see that you don’t ascribe fully to Pilates fundamentals they will pass you over and go to the next Pilates instructor.

Get your name out there. Broadcast yourself on social media and show the world what you can do. But always make sure that you stick to what your specialities are. So, for example, if you’re a Pilates Instructor who specialises in rehabilitation, an idea would be to showcase your success stories with various clients (obviously with their permission). Or if you decide to specialise in pregnancy Pilates, why not get a testimonial from a client who you trained during her pregnancy that you can put on your social media platforms?

A Glimpse into Fundamental Pilates Exercises

Every Pilates instructor will warm up on the mat. Alternatively, they will start teaching beginner Pilates students exercises that are confined to the mat as these are the core – excuse the pun! – Pilates exercises that the intermediate and advanced moves are built on.

One of these exercises is the pelvic tilt. It introduces you to the concept of bringing your naval to your spine. In addition, it teaches you how to articulate each of your vertebrae as you tilt your pelvis towards the ceiling. Watch this video for a breakdown on how to do this exercise.

3 Things to remember during the pelvic tilt

  • Always remember to breathe. The correct breathing sequence is as important to the exercise as the movement is.
  • Make sure that your lower back is pressed firmly into the floor throughout the entire exercise.
  • Keep your pelvis in neutral throughout. (Your pelvis will be in neutral when it’s in a straight line with every section of your spine. Click here for a very clever description of what neutral spine is.)

Watch points with the pelvic tilt

If you feel any numbness or tingling in any part or your body while doing the pelvic tilt, stop the exercise immediately and consult your physiotherapist or doctor immediately.

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