What Hand Exercises Will Ease Arthritis Pain? Find out in this article.

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Arthritis wears away at the cartilage as well as the synovial lining of a joint, which is the cushioning material that is between bones. When arthritis influences the joints of the hands, it may cause pain as well as stiffness. This pain can get worse whenever you make use of the hand a lot — for instance, when typing on a computer keyboard or gripping utensils in the kitchen. In addition, you may lose strength in your hands. Weakness in your hands can make it difficult to do even the easiest everyday tasks, for example opening jars.

How To Treat Hand Arthritis

There are a number of medicinal options for handling hand arthritis. You are able to take oral pain-relieving medications. In addition, you can also get steroid injections in your joints and then splint your hands in order to give them support. If these alternatives don’t work, you might need to have surgery in order to fix the damaged joint.

There are also a number of different home treatments you can utilise to reduce the pain and disability of arthritis.

One easy and non-invasive way to make sure that you keep the joints flexible, improve range of motion, as well as relieve arthritis pain is by doing hand exercises. Hand exercises can assist with strengthening the muscles that support the hand joints. This can assist you to perform hand movements with less discomfort.

In addition, movement can help to keep ligaments – as well as tendons – flexible. This can assist with boosting range of motion and hand function. Finally, exercise can boost the production of synovial fluid, which can also improve joint function.

Tips For Hand Exercises For Before You Begin

Do Them Throughout Your Day

Many of these exercises can performed [resting hands] on the table or counter, however you are able to do them wherever you happen to be standing in line, commuting on the train or bus, even in bed, before you begin your daily activities.

Be Gentle

Do all motions slowly. Stop when you feel tension, so you don’t injure yourself. For each exercise, hold for two to three seconds if possible, and do reps of 10 for each hand. The whole set can be done daily. But if anything hurts, stop.

Be Mindful While Doing The Exercises

Breathing in with your nose and then out with your mouth to help relax and reduce stress is another thing to incorporate.

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Exercises To Try

Make A Fist

You can do this simple exercise wherever and anytime that your hand feels stiff:

  • Begin by having your left hand out with all of your fingers straight.
  • Then, gradually bend your hand into a fist, putting your thumb on the outside of your hand. Be gentle and don’t squeeze your hand.
  • Open your hand until your fingers become straight once again.
  • Repeat the exercise 10 times with your left hand. Then repeat the whole sequence with your right hand.

Finger Bends

  • Begin in the same position as in the previous exercise, with your left hand held up straight.
  • Bend your thumb down towards your palm. Hold it for a couple of seconds.
  • Straighten your thumb back up.
  • Bend your index finger down towards your palm. Hold it for a number of seconds.
  • Then straighten it.
  • Repeat this exercise with each finger on your left hand. Then repeat the whole sequence on the right hand.

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