What is a gym instructor?

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A gym instructor’s job involves assisting people to improve their health and fitness. They will do this by leading and organising group exercise programmes that cater to multiple participants. A gym instructor will lead a range of activities or specialise in a particular area such as keep fit and weight training.

Those working as gym instructors aren’t able to work with specific members of the public – to assist them with achieving their health and fitness goals – as well as with clients with certain medical problems. This is because the training for a gym instructor doesn’t provide enough knowledge for successful graduates to be able to train these groups in an efficient way.

This means that many of the people who opt to become gym instructors will spend more of their ‘working the floor’ at the gym that they are employed at. They’ll tend to:

  • Talk to members of the public,
  • Offer advice and assistance, and
  • Show people how to utilise certain pieces of equipment.

This assistance and advice is covered in a person’s monthly gym membership fee. This means that gym instructors cannot charge for giving this assistance as they are employed by the gym to do so.

If they are suitably qualified gym instructors may also take group exercise classes such as:

However, as we said previously, a fitness instructor cannot work one-on-one with members of the public or provide specialised workout routines for them.

In addition to this, a gym instructor’s job may also involve carrying out basic administrative duties as well as cleaning equipment within the gym. Administrative duties in a gym include:

  • Monitoring staff and providing staff training, as well as
  • Coordinating schedules and resources.

What are the benefits of becoming a gym instructor?

If you teach in a gym, you have the opportunity to take classes as well as make use of the facility for free. However, remember that the time you spend taking classes is not the time for your own workouts. You’re there to coach, assess as well as motivate.

Being a group fitness instructor allows you the opportunity to network with people who assist you with growing your business. Being well-informed and personable will make it easier for members to refer you to prospective new clients. You’ll be amazed how often you’ll get approached to do random things like teach a yoga class for a bridal party, lead an onsite fitness class at a church or present a workshop for a local company when you’re a group fitness instructor.

Many all-inclusive holiday offer daily group fitness classes which means that as a group fitness instructor, you’ll be able to offer your services to this resort and take classes in return. The time that you’re not teaching is time for you to relax and enjoy a holiday!

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How do you become a gym instructor?

So if you feel that you want to reap the rewards to becoming a gym instructor, the next thing that you need to do is to find a course that will teach how exactly you can become a group fitness instructor.

When you’re reviewing the list of possible options, make that to check if the course covers the following:

Anatomy as well as physiology

  • Identifying the anatomy of the human body.
  • Explaining how joints, bones and muscles work.
  • Describing how common exercises function.

Leading an exercise session

  • Assisting fitness participants with working out to music in a group exercise class.
  • Leading fitness participants safely and effectively through a choreographed class.
  • Demonstrating the communication skills needed to effectively teach a group exercise class

Looking after a fitness facility

  • Explaining what a ‘health-related’ multi-disciplinary team is.
  • Describing how a fitness facility operates.
  • Describing legal and ethical business practices.

Recommending an exercise programme for an individual

  • Assisting clients with developing their training regime.
  • Coaching clients through the programme you’ve developed for them.
  • Demonstrating verbal and non-verbal communication skills as well as great teaching methods.

Launching a career in the fitness industry is worthwhile especially for those who have a passion for exercise. You should really look at becoming a gym instructor if you would like to help others to become more physically active and have healthier lifestyles.

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