What is a bootcamp class?

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A bootcamp class is a group exercise programme that may be conducted by gyms, personal trainers, gym instructors or, alternatively, other organisations. Bootcamp classes are planned with the aim of building strength and fitness with the use of a variety of types of exercise. The activities in a bootcamp class may be loosely modelled on aspects of fitness training which are used in the military. In some cases, the personal trainers themselves may have been part of the military previously.

Indoor as well as outdoor bootcamp workouts became common, in the United States, in the latter half of the 1990s. (Although, in South Africa, it is more common to see bootcamp classes being done outdoors.) As the popularity of outdoor group fitness classes grew, so did bootcamp classes. This happened in the 2000s in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom as well as Canada.

Bootcamp classes link strength training with cardio exercises in order to achieve a full-body workout. These types of workouts get your heart pumping, make you sweat, and challenge your muscles. Bootcamp workouts can vary based on where you do them and who takes the class. These types of sessions generally include quite an intense mixture of the following types of workouts:

  • Aerobic,
  • Strength training, as well as
  • Speed elements.

One bootcamp training session may focus on plyometrics while another emphasises military-style drills.

In many of the bootcamp classes, you can anticipate doing:

  • Plyometrics, such as pull-ups, push-ups, lunges and crunches, as well as
  • Drills and sprints.

A bootcamp class is basically a kind of interval training. This is as it unites bursts of intense activity alternated with lighter activity.

The benefits of a bootcamp workout?

Bootcamp weight-loss classes offer a dynamic as well as efficient workout. As we mentioned previously, these classes make use of a wide range of exercise types that help you to develop both muscular and cardiovascular fitness. As well, these exercise types promote safe as well as effective weight-loss.

People who take part in a bootcamp weight-loss classes find that the atmosphere as well as the variety of exercise types help them to become more motivated  and combat boredom. Bootcamp classes permit participants to become more mentally, physically as well as energetically involved in their workouts. Bootcamp classes increase the probability of them continuing with their workouts in the long haul.

The mix of a team atmosphere, intense full-body cardiovascular in addition to strength workouts and fitness education make bootcamp weight-loss classes very effective for helping people lose weight, improving cardiovascular endurance, adding to lean muscle mass as well as improving coordination and balance.

Is bootcamp for you?

Before you think that you won’t possibly manage to get through an entire bootcamp class, you’ll be pleased to know that these types of workouts are suitable for newbie exercisers and fitness enthusiasts as people taking part in a bootcamp class can work at the level and intensity that suits them. Some sessions are also explicitly designed to introduce people to the bootcamp concept.

If you really like extreme styles of exercising, then the form and passion that a bootcamp class offers will attract to you. However, ensure that you pay watchful attention to the skill level of the instructor as well as the amount of time they commit to assisting each individual member of their group as instructors who tend to have a hands-off approach won’t be good for newbies and help them with their form.

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