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LISS, which is otherwise known as ‘Low Intensity Steady State’ training, involves exercises such as walking, hiking or cycling. It is one of those things which you’ve probably heard in passing however you’re still not quite able to put your finger on. You know it’s really good for you, but you’re not sure why, or how to really reap the rewards. If you’re in the 59% of individuals who make a New Year’s resolution to exercise more, although, then this is one mode of training it pays to be conscious of.

LISS Cardio Is The Opposite Of HIIT

LISS cardio is the total opposite of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT involves varying short bursts of intense exercise with low-intensity periods of recovery. With HIIT, your heart rate is usually at 80 to 95% of your maximum heart rate for the high-intensity intervals and between 40 and 50% for the low-intensity intervals.

As we said before, LISS is most often linked to running, cycling, brisk walking, swimming as well as other cardio activities which necessitate longer sessions of low-intensity exercise. Exercise professionals point out that while steady-state training is a very effective way to burn calories as well as train your aerobic system, it also necessitates more time in order to see results.

Some individuals say that HIIT is a far better form of training as opposed to steady-state cardio. However, while both styles have advantages and disadvantages, one doesn’t seem to be better overall than the other.

What Are The Benefits Of LISS Cardio?

As with other types of exercise, LISS cardio has a number of health benefits, such as improved blood flow, lowered stress, lower risk of heart disease as well as improved brain function.

Here are some other advantages of LISS cardio:

  • It assists in fat burning and fat loss. Steady-state training boosts your body’s ability to utilise fat as fuel rather than using glycogen stored in your muscles. Also, continuous aerobic exercise is more effective as opposed to HIIT at enhancing fat distribution.
  • LISS cardio is appropriate for all levels. Since LISS is simpler to do and gentler on the body, this type of training is appropriate for beginners. Intermediate to advanced fitness levels often utilise it as part of an endurance training programme.
  • It allows for easier recovery. As you’re putting less stress on your heart and body, you might find you recover more quickly and easily from LISS.
  • LISS cardio is an effective way to train for endurance events. Performing exercise at a lower intensity for a long period of time places less stress on your heart and lungs as opposed to a more-intense workout. This can be an efficient way to prepare for an endurance event.
  • It’s also phenomenal for recovery after a challenging workout. You can utilise LISS as a recovery session the day after a high-intensity workout.

Trifocus Fitness Academy - LISS cardio

LISS Cardio Improves Mood

There’s a lot of evidence regarding how mental health has an affect on physical health and vice versa. Sustained exercise is responsible for stimulating the release of the neurotransmitters which regulate and improve our mood, including dopamine and serotonin. This is confirmed by published research which revealed moderate intensity aerobic exercise had a large and substantial antidepressant effect in people with depression, demonstrating the mental health benefits of exercise.

Here are some ideas of how to incorporate LISS cardio into your workout routine:

  • Cycle at a very gentle speed on flat terrain for between 30 and 60 minutes.
  • Utilise a rowing machine at a steady stroke rate as well as intensity for a set time over 30 minutes.
  • Swim for 60 minutes utilising breast stroke.
  • Jog at 5km/hr for 45 minutes.
  • Walk at 3km/hr for 60 minutes – that’s almost 100 steps per minute.

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