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The benefits of metabolic strength training, also known as metabolic conditioning, are endless. Metabolic exercise is a good way to really challenge yourself and lose weight quickly. The effects of metabolic strength training last beyond the gym. It maximises muscle gain and gets rid of excess fat.

Metabolic strength training is when you put in the maximum amount of physical effort to accelerate the efficiency of your metabolism. This will help you to lose body fat while you build and keep muscle. It does this by working as much of the muscles as possible during an exercise and by you pushing yourself to maximum effort in a short period of time. This helps your body to burn more calories and fat during your rest periods and after your workout. The term used for this occurrence is scientifically referred to as EPOC or post-exercise oxygen consumption. It is also generally called the “afterburn” effect.

Benefits of metabolic strength training

Metabolic strength training maximises calorie-burn and increases the metabolic work rate. It builds muscle a lot faster than you would when using normal training routines. This includes a great deal of benefits for your cardiovascular system as well.

Lots of professional and non-professional athletes push themselves to do a lot of metabolic training on a regular basis during the week depending on the sport they are invested in.

Types of metabolic training

 Metabolic training is no walk in the park! Jump squats, burpees, planks, pull-ups, sprints, zig-zag runs and push-ups are all metabolic strength training exercises. It is important to work out a large number of muscles during these workouts.

Start by building your circuit. For example, you can first do ten reps of push-ups to work your upper body (remember to expend the maximum amount of effort). Get up soon after and do three 15-metre sprints to get a workout in the lower half of your body. Right after this drop down and do a 30-second plank, take a short rest, repeat again.

As you are making more progress, building more stamina, strength and a greater metabolic endurance you will be able to add new exercises into your routine. More reps, more sets and soon your 10-minute workout will keep you busy for 20 minutes. Keep in mind that there’s always room for you to improve.

 Metabolic strength training is considered to be one of the best training methods you can follow to keep yourself healthy and in shape.  Train as many of your muscles during a session as possible and on a regular basis. It is recommended that you do a metabolic strength training session, two to four times a week and for no less than ten minutes, to be able to complete all your sets.

Don’t overwork your body or certain muscles. Remember that it is important to rest and recover from time to time. Resting is very important for your muscles to repair themselves. Rather avoid the possibility of an injury or an intense sore muscle and take a day off or do a lighter workout on some days.

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