What type of full-body workout you can do with your foam roller?

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The foam roller is an extremely convenient piece of equipment to use for a full-body workout as it is very easy to implement loads of different exercising techniques. This is great for workout junkies.

How to do the criss-cross plank with a foam roller

Move into your plank position with your foam roller beneath you in the middle of your chest. Spread your feet wide apart from each other and place both hands on the foam roller. This will be your starting position. Keep your back in a straight plank position and start by moving one hand to your side in line with your shoulder. Put it on the floor and then move the same hand back and place it on the foam roller where your other hand has been waiting. Repeat this movement with your opposite hand.

This exercise puts a lot of workout tension on your core, lower back and your endurance levels.

How to do plyo taps with a foam roller

 Set the foam roller on the ground in front of you so that this piece of equipment can roll forwards and backwards with your movement.

Stand in front of the foam roller and use your toes to tap on the roller by lifting your knees up in a running position. Keep your back straight. Tap the foam roller each time you lift one of your feet, guide the roller by moving it forwards slowly for about 1 metre and drag it backwards to where you started. Tap your toe on the foam roller as you go. Continue the cycle by going back and forth with your toe taps for about 1 to 3 minutes.

How to do the upper back roll with a foam roller

 Place the foam roller underneath the upper part of your back while lying on top of the equipment. Keep your arms crossed before your chest. Bend your knees and raise your lower back. Put your body weight on top of the foam roller and move your body around from mid-back to upper back. This is a really relaxed exercise.

How to do push-ups with a foam roller

 Move into your push-up position with your hands shoulder-width apart. Place the foam roller sideways and parallel to your body. Place one hand on top of the foam roller and remember to stay in line with your shoulder.

With your one hand higher than the other drop down and do a set of push-ups. Swap the foam roller between your hands for different sets.

How to do squats with a foam roller

 Everybody knows that squats are the real deal when it comes to exercise and luckily the foam roller can be used for doing these exercises.

Get yourself into the squat position and focus on checking if you’ll bump anything as you perform the exercise. Have your feet apart and face straight forward. Place the foam roller in your hands above your head and shoulders. Bend down towards the floor with your upper thighs and glutes parallel to the ground. This is one rep. Remember not to lift your heels and to keep your back straight tucked in.

 There are a number of different exercises that can be done with a foam roller – the possibilities are nearly endless. The foam roller does make it very easy to focus on specific muscle groups when used during exercise or even for recovery exercise after an injury. A foam roller can even be utilised to test out your flexibility.

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