What is Online Personal Training?

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Online personal training is the process whereby personal trainers use Internet-based services to plan, promote and execute personal training sessions.

The idea that only wealthy people with premier gym contracts have access to personal trainers is a myth. In fact, with the rise of Internet-based communication, anyone with a computer or smart device can now enjoy personal training sessions. Let’s define online personal training, look at a few workouts you can expect when engaging an online personal trainer, and discover the benefits of online personal training for both trainers and clients alike:

Defined: Online Personal Training

This self.com article on whether to hire an online trainer or not reveals that, ‘more trainers are offering their services through Skype, e-mail and online training platforms’. You can add to that list social media, with many trainers setting up and inviting people to fitness events – through social media management –  that are often held in public parks or sports grounds.

As previously said, online personal training can then be defined as the process whereby personal trainers plan, promote and execute personal training sessions via the Internet. Trainers and clients can use these online-based services to arrange times and dates of sessions (via e-mail and/or instant messaging), meet up for training sessions (via Skype/Google Hangouts), and exchange valuable training insights through shared multimedia.

Types of Workouts Involved

If your personal training session is online, chances are that you won’t be moving around too much. You’ll need to stay close to the webcam and screen to stay in communication with your trainer. This is why many online personal training encounters are centred around a fitness step or confined to the exercise mat. For runners, online personal training comes in the form of VOIP calls between client and trainer while hitting a 5K. There are also amazing group training apps, computer programs and online courses that personal trainers use for getting groups of people together and exercising in the digital world.

Why Consider Online Personal Training?

For trainers

  • Access to a much bigger potential client marketplace
  • Ability to train more people at once
  • Trainers can work from practically anywhere
  • Don’t need to use a gym’s facilities and, as a result, will save you oodles in rent

For clients

  • Regular communication with your personal trainer
  • Ability to join personal training sessions from anywhere
  • Don’t need to have a gym membership
  • Cheaper than in-person personal training

Trifocus fitness academy - online personal training

The key to success with online personal training

Your brand is your calling card. It’s the feelings and thoughts that people have about you when they hear your name or your company name. What this means for a personal trainer is that when potential clients here your name, the first thing that you want them to think is: “He/she is really good! I need to take sessions with them!”

By far, the best way to develop your personal brand is social media. For personal trainers, the best platforms to use are – without a doubt – Facebook and Instagram. Why do we say this? A personal trainer’s calling card is their body. They need to keep their bodies in top-notch condition so that potential clients will look at them and think: “If he can do this for himself, I wonder what he can do for me?”

Both of these platforms are visually based. They allow users to express themselves through pictures. This is particularly true of Instagram as the main focus of this channel is sharing pictures. They offer a number of filters for you to apply to your pictures so that you can give them the wow factor.

As a personal trainer developing their personal brand, you need to have a Facebook and Instagram presence on which you can share pictures of you and other people who you’ve worked with. One of the beauties about Facebook is that the platform allows you the ability to input your contact details so that people searching for you can find you. This is particularly powerful because it takes over the function of a website so if you don’t have the resources to develop one at the moment, people will still be able to find you and see what you’re able to do!

Become an Online Personal Training Guru

Take the online personal training world by storm and use your social media skills to promote your own online personal training business! Get the essential personal training skills you need with a Trifocus Fitness Academy personal training diploma. Contact us to find out more about kickstarting your career in online personal training today!

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