What is social media management for fitness professionals?

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The process of ‘social media management’ involves creating, scheduling, analysing as well as engaging with content that is posted on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Social media management is about reaching new customers online or improving as well as maintaining their reputation.

We’re not saying that a personal trainer – or any other fitness professional, for that matter – must become an expert social media manager. However, what we are saying is that fitness professionals cannot afford to neglect social media marketing for their businesses as this marketing channel brings in the most customers, for business, at the lowest possible cost. In this article, we’ll have a look at what social media marketing principles fitness professionals need to know.

Must-have social media skills for fitness professionals

As the social media network that has the largest number of people on it, starting off your social media presence on Facebook is a good first step. And the great news is that you don’t have to start out by spending a cent. You can set up your social media presence on Facebook for free.

Create a personal business presence by utilising a fan page

One of the main strengths of social media marketing is its power to create relationships between businesses as well as their audiences. The person-to-person communication that can happen on social media makes potential personal training clients feel that they have encountered a personal trainer in a meaningful way and that they now have a special connection with that company.

Maintain a robust brand presence

While it’s true that your Facebook posts most likely won’t appear in your audience’s news feeds you  unless you are paying for this privilege, that doesn’t mean that you should refrain from posting on your page.  Today, people often use Facebook as a search engine in order to find out more about a company. This means that a robust, active page that’s full of regular posts and lots of audience engagement is a great way to showcase the fact that your customers are satisfied and enthusiastic.

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Join Facebook groups

Facebook groups offer a networking opportunity for professionals. There are any number of Facebook groups which are dedicated to various industries, professions as well as interests. Use your personal account in order to join groups of colleagues in addition to groups where your target audience is likely to be found.

Create your own group

If you can’t find a Facebook group that really fits what you’re looking for then you should create your own group:

  • Add members,
  • Publish articles that you feel will be of interest to them,
  • Carry on meaningful discussions, and
  • Meet quite a few prospects.

Because you own the group and control the conversations, this automatically grants you industry leadership status in the eyes of your members. This can only help when they realise that they need the product or service you provide.

List your events

If you’re hosting a webinar or speaking somewhere you can create an event page and invite friends and people in the groups you’re in to attend. You can even see the number of RSVPs you’ve received and get feedback from attendees.

Syndicate your blog

If you know that you will forget or won’t be able to find the time. to share your latest blog posts on your Facebook page or profile each week, automate the task. There are many different online tools which you can use in order to do this, from simple plugins for WordPress to suites of digital marketing software, that will automatically post each new blog post to your Facebook page for you. More Exposure = More Traffic = More Leads.

Stream live video with Facebook Live

The intimacy and immediacy of making live videos on Facebook creates the sense, for your viewers, that they are getting a behind-the-scenes peek at the real you. This will also entice them to stick around to watch much longer than they would for a regular video owing to the unpredictability of live video.

Create a community

Perhaps Facebook’s biggest benefit is that it lets you create a community. It provides you a group of people who are constantly connected to you. In addition, they are open to hearing your message. Engage with people authentically, this means writing on their walls, responding to their comments on your own, conversing in groups, or introducing people to each other. Before you know it, you’ll have created a community of friends who look favourably on you and your personal training business.

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