What Is The Best Exercise For An Outdoor Cardio Workout?

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When it comes to keeping pace with an active – as well as healthy – lifestyle, we can’t allow travel, work, or lack of gym access get in our way. Otherwise, we’d never see results!  That’s why outdoor workouts and exercise sessions can be a great option.

Outdoor workouts challenge your muscles (big time!) with inclines, declines as well as obstacles. With these types of workouts you’ll also improve your mood and boost self-esteem through the process of performing outdoor exercises.

What Are The Benefits Of Exercising Outdoors?

Getting fit outdoors will give you even more wonderful perks than exercising in the gym does. Outdoor workouts may also boost your mood, save time as well as money, and also be adaptable to anywhere you may be or are travelling to.

Getting moving while soaking up the sun and breathing the fresh air has been demonstrated to improve mood. This is partially as the sun may increase your body’s production of vitamin D which is linked to improved mental health. In addition, outdoor activities can improve self-esteem.

As outdoor activities only involve your body – as well as a place to exercise – it doesn’t cost anything. The great aspect about this is that you can exercise outdoors pretty much anywhere. As a result, you’ll save costs on gym memberships, equipment in addition to commutes.


Sprinting – without a doubt – the weightlifting of the running world. It’s a high-intensity and high-impact exercise. It encourages muscular growth, especially in the posterior-chain muscles such as the glutes as well as hamstrings.

The Workout


Jog two laps (800 metres). (Once around a standard track oval on the inside lane is 400 metres.)

Pre-Sprint Workout

  • Do the following moves, in order, for a period of30 seconds each. Complete three rounds:
  • Walking Lunge
  • Running With High Knees
  • Side Step
  • Butt Kicks
  • Skipping

Sprint Workout

Repeat the sequence below eight times:

  • Sprint for 100 metres (on the straightaways)
  • Walk for 100 metres (on the curves)


Walk two laps (800 meters).

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Although spinning classes are as popular as ever, the indoor cycling experience just can’t match up to riding a bike outdoors. Encountering real hills and physically propelling the bike forward necessitates insane intensity and focus.


Cycle at an easy pace for between five and 10 minutes/

Cycling Workout

Cycle at a moderate, steady-state intensity for between 10 and 15 minutes. Then ride up a hill as quickly as possible with maximum intensity. Rest for between one and two minutes at the top, then coast down. Spend 20 minutes doing this. Cycle at a moderate steady-state intensity for 10 minutes.


Cycle at an easy pace

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