What Is The Best Way Is Of Keeping Track Of Your Fitness Progress?

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You will probably have seen a dozen of unbelievable transformation photos and want a similar result. The one thing which these weight-loss or muscle-gain achievers have in common is that they keep track of their fitness progress.

If you would like to lose weight or gain muscle, then you really need to start tracking the changes in your body. With the number of techniques as well as methods out there, it is very easy to get a little stuck. This is because it can be very tempting in order to give up on your workout routine if you feel as if you’re not making progress. Weight loss may take time and your weight may fluctuate for reasons other than true weight loss or gain — this is why relying on the scale alone is often a mistake.

Instead, by taking the time to notice small advances, you can begin to look at each workout as a step toward your end goal. This is why using tools to track your exercise performance is an excellent idea: It’s the only way in order to get an accurate idea of your activity level and the rate at which you’re performing.

Keep A Fitness Journal

Logging a fitness and workout journal is one of the simplest and most effective ways in order to track the amount of weight which you lifted in prior workouts. This way you’ll realise if you’re becoming stronger.

The body adjusts to exercise quite effortlessly, to whatever workouts we’re regularly performing. So, if we constantly do the same weights as well as the same exercises, the body will no longer prompt a response to change. The muscles will not grow or – alternatively – get stronger.

A major mistake that is seen in the gym is individuals doing the same workouts each week, with exactly the same amount of weight. However, a workout journal can assist you with switching up your strength training programmes. This will keep your muscles in a perpetual state of being challenged.

Take Photos

Although not a numerical measurement, body photos can be a great tool for measuring progress for those who are more visual. Photos help you to see alterations in your physical appearance.

Weight loss, as well as muscle gain, is a gradual and incremental process. In addition, it’s common for people’s weight to vary, particularly when they start weight training for the first time. Often, the human eye may not see the small changes which take place day-to-day. People become very frustrated with a seeming lack of results and make the decision to give up.

Nevertheless, there is progress that the scale and numbers will not show. This is where progress photos can serve as highly motivational fitness trackers. Progress photos can also serve as a visual confirmation that all your hard work is paying off.

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Monitor Steps Taken

By keeping an eye on the number of steps that you take during a workout, you are able to assess your performance and make changes when necessary. For instance, if you walked below your targeted number of steps during a workout, you would know that you need to pick up your speed. Tracking your steps is also an easy way to monitor the progress you’re making and boost your morale.

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