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The cross trainer is a low-impact cardiovascular machine. It works the same muscles as you use when running however without the same physical impact as you would get from the floor. The action of pushing and pulling with the arms mimics the action of cross-country skiing and hill walking with poles. The cross trainer can provide great upper body tone and definition. If you are looking for a resistance training cardio session this will provide you with that.

One of the significant benefits of a cross trainer machine – over other cardiovascular machines – is the inclusion of the upper body in the workout.  By utilising your arms as well as your upper body, your heart works harder. This makes your overall workout is more efficient.

When making use of the handles, which are optional but recommended, you are working your biceps and triceps. These are the major muscles in the upper part of your arms. In addition, your shoulders and chest help manage the handle movement, which works your deltoids and your pectoral muscles. There are three types of elliptical trainers, categorised by the motor or “drive” location.

Generations Of Cross Trainer Machines

The oldest elliptical design is the rear-drive type. The front-drive elliptical is the second generation design. The latest design technology is the centre-drive.

On some models of cross trainer machines, the incline of sloping roller ramps beneath the pedal-links. This can be adjusted in order to produce varying pedal motion paths. The result of such modification changes the burdens on different muscle groups in the legs.

Some of the models are able to vary the incline, resistance as well as stride length over the course of a workout consistent with a pre-set programme. Some cross trainers can be driven in a reverse as well as in a forward motion.

Cross trainers are mainly driven via the legs. Most of them are combination designs as they have handle-levers attached to each pedal-link. This is so that a burden on the arms can be enabled in order to provide a secondary source of driving power.

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What Is The Correct Way To Use A Cross Trainer?

The exerciser grips the handles below shoulder height. Then he or she will push and pull them while shuffling the feet back and forth within their elliptically=shaped paths. The oscillating handle motions are coordinated with the restricted pedal motions.

Poorly designed cross trainer machines are too dependent on the user’s leg power. This ends up producing excessive handle speeds owing to mechanical ratios that do not offer sufficient advantage to the handle-levers. As a result, such machines give the user the feeling that his or her arms are simply going along for the ride as opposed to just sharing in the work. The better models offer a harmonious combination of arm as well as leg exercise in the correct ratios.

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