Why Is Boxercise Such An Intense Workout?

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In a world with an increasing sense of self-awareness and as well as on personal health and fitness, many individuals are starting to turn to unconventional exercise methodologies. It’s no longer only about hitting the traditional gym where you devote hours on a treadmill or lifting weights. One of the places more and more people are turning to for results is the boxing gym.

Boxercise is an exercise class which is based on the training concepts that boxers utilise in order to keep fit. Classes can take a number of different of formats but a typical boxercise class may involve:

  • Shadow-boxing,
  • Skipping,
  • Hitting pads,
  • Kicking punchbags,
  • Press-ups,
  • Shuttle-runs, as well as
  • Sit-ups.

Most boxercise classes are targeted at men and women of all ages as well as fitness standards. As no class involves the actual hitting of an opponent, boxercise is a fun, challenging and safe workout.

Boxing, as a sport as well as a martial art, has been around for centuries. People throughout history have practised it as a means of self-defence. However, more recently – over the past decade or so – boxing has emerged as an extremely popular workout.

Individuals are drawn to boxing as a workout as it’s fun and enjoyable. In addition, boxing promises drastic improvements to overall health and wellness. For those who are contemplating losing weight and getting fit, boxing is just absolutely incredible.

Boxercise = Intense Cardio Workout

Everyone knows that cardio is the way to go if you want to lose fortunes of weight. However, simply sweating it out on a treadmill can get super repetitive as well as very boring. No person wants to spend hours on end performing exactly the same workout.

While steady-state cardio can absolutely help you to burn calories as well as shave off that excess weight, it’s very difficult to keep up because it can get stale after a while. Enter boxercise, which is the ultimate cardio workout that will engage both your upper and lower body.

Boxercise trains cardiovascular strength and endurance more effectively as opposed to the majority of the workouts that are available currently. It has the ability to condition the human body into an energy-efficient machine. Have a look at the body of a professional boxer and you will see an incredibly lean and cut athlete who is in prime condition.

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Burn Massive Amounts Of Calories With Boxercise

The main physical benefit that beginner boxers will see is cardiovascular. Boxing improves your resting heart rate as well as muscular endurance. This lowered resting heart rate, as well as increased stamina, can afford you the edge in your other workouts.

With a possible burn rate of 13 calories per minute, boxercise goes head-to-head with other types of cardio such as running and cycling. Plan to punch away anywhere between 200 to 400 calories (for a 63.5 kilogram person) per half hour:

  • Thirty minutes of boxing in a ring burns 400 calories.
  • Thirty minutes of punching a bag burns 200 calories, and
  • Thirty minutes of sparring with a partner burns 300 calories.

The intensive – as well as rigorous – pad work exercises in boxing, supported by the constant fast-paced repetition of striking and punching practices, are great in developing enhanced aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

Luckily, boxing is responsible for engaging not only the human body but also the mind. Learn the secrets of self-defence and gain a better understanding of the motions and nuances boxercise. Boxing is a mental exercise so much as it’s a physical one. In addition, it should keep you interested and engaged for as long as you practice it.

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