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Synchronised training relates to any form of exercise that follows a specific routine. The most commonly referenced form of synchronised training is synchronised swimming. If you’ve ever watched it, you’ll know that timing and routine are essential to the success of any performance. It makes it look like an understated sport, essentially ballet in water, but if you’ve ever tried to copy one of their actions or movements, you’ll know that it’s not as easy as it looks.

Synchronised training is often done in groups and requires a great deal of coordination to perfect—a really good team relationship to ensure that everyone does their part to ensure the ultimate performance.

Mastering Synchronised Training

The secret behind synchronised training is not the ability to follow a team and work together, but rather the fitness-related elements that allow the athlete to bring it all together.

Consider the synchronised swimming example. You need to be flexible, elegant and have the endurance to power through the entire routine without stopping for a break. There’s not one stand-alone element that translates to its success; it’s the ability of the athlete to work on all three components and merge it together to create a beautiful routine.

It’s A Full-Body Workout

Even if you don’t decide to join a team for synchronised training, you can follow the basics to give your fitness level a boost and even build your skillset in the process. Find a way to work on your fitness and cardio as well as strength training and endurance to create the ideal synchronised training programme.

Exercises that promote flexibility, such as yoga and Pilates, should also be incorporated. Working on your core is also important as your core controls most of your body, which means that if it’s weak, you will find it difficult to perform various exercises. It can even make day to day living a bit more difficult, although you’ll only notice the difference a strong core makes after its been achieved.

You also need to work on your lung capacity – a critical skill for synchronised swimmers and almost just as important for any land athlete. Cardiovascular fitness will help you properly distribute oxygen through the body while exercising while allowing swimmers to hold their breath for longer periods.

Don’t Underestimate It

It’s simple; the value of synchronised training is immeasurable. It provides a full-body approach to exercise and fitness that will give you a competitive edge regardless of which sport you participate in. Not only will it improve your strength and endurance, but it’ll also help to tone your body and boost your confidence in the process.

You may even find that your new training routine reignites your passion for a healthy lifestyle and even puts you back on track. The more you progress in your training, the happier you’ll feel and the more motivated you’ll be to continue.

While it may seem fairly simple and well-coordinated, it takes hard work and dedication to perfect the art of synchronised training.

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