Which Fitness Course Should You Study to Become a Personal Trainer?

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The fitness industry had a diverse collection of specialisations that budding personal trainers can opt for when preparing themselves for a beneficial career. There is a high demand for the skills of specialised fitness professionals, which makes it important for you to choose a Personal Training Course that gives you the best possible opportunities in the industry, and outfits you for a career characterised by longevity and growth. So which fitness course should you take if you are interested in becoming a professional fitness instructor?

Choosing a personal training course

There are certain elements that every fitness course should implement, whether you are opting for a personal trainer certificate or diploma, every trainer needs to start with the basics when building their skills.

Most personal training courses (or the ones worth their salt anyway) will include knowledge about the human anatomy and physiology, nutrition, motivation and even how to set yourself up professionally as a trainer.

Personal training basics should cover aspects of both the fitness world, and the business one; applying equal importance and attention to each.

As a trainer, you aren’t just helping others to reach their fitness goals, but are also operating a business that needs to grow and thrive; on top of this you are also ensuring the safety and wellbeing of each of your clients, keeping them focused on their goals, drawing up workout schedules and eating plans as well as continually assessing their progress.

These form the basic skills that a trainer needs to master in order to engage in the fitness industry, and as such, should be a part of even the most basic fitness courses.

Avenues of Specialisation

The fitness industry is a competitive one, and within it, there is plenty of room for specialisation. Therefore, the more comprehensive a fitness course is, the more room you have to grow into specific areas of the industry when taking one.

On top of the basics mentioned above, different courses will offer various other areas of content, each of which is carefully designed to open up new career-paths and opportunities for those who enroll in them.

The most comprehensive of these courses offer a collection of specialisations that offer a solid foundation of overall knowledge that can be applied to the world and business of fitness.

Trifocus fitness academy - fitness course

These generally come associated with different types of qualifications, with some holding more weight than others:

  • Smaller courses offer accreditation with REPSSA and give a basic overall knowledge of the industry, which is a great way to get started in the industry.
  • Some courses offer certification as part of their accreditation and go further with regards to specialisation; offering skills related to group instruction, operating bootcamps and implementing sports-psychology strategies for better performance in your clients.
  • The most comprehensive courses come alongside a diploma and gives their students a dense collection of specialised knowledge. On top of the basics and knowledge offered by certification courses, they also offer life coaching skills, a diploma in sports nutrition and even knowledge on how to market and operate a fitness business with success.

Accreditation Counts for Everything

Lets move on to the matter of accreditation, which is an essential part of being recognised as a capable fitness practitioner. Accreditation doesn’t only give you a competitive mark of quality, but also works towards upholding the integrity of the fitness industry as a whole.

The fitness industry in South Africa (and abroad) is governed by a number of regulatory agencies, particularly where fitness courses are concerned. To be an active professional in the South African fitness industry, you need to hold the right accreditation. To work abroad, this becomes all the more essential.

Here are some of the agencies that the right course should be accredited through:


The Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa (REPSSA) recognises the qualifications and expertise of fitness practitioners on a local scale.

They aim to ensure quality standards within the industry that meet international benchmarks, by ensuring that professionals are knowledgeable, skilled and competent.


The Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Sector Education and Training Authority (CATHSSETA) facilitates and regulates skills development within South Africa.

They ensure that registered courses and qualifications meet strict standards as set out by the National Skills Development Strategy.


The South African Qualifications Authority is a legal entity that was established in 2008 to uphold the principles of the NQF Act 67.

They oversee policies and processes with regards to the registration of qualifications to ensure that they meet certain criteria for recognition.

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