Why Is Strength Training The Secret To Becoming A Better Runner?

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Going for a run is probably one of the most common forms of exercise that there is. It’s free, it doesn’t technically require training in order to get started (though, good technique is quite useful) and it doesn’t ask for equipment beyond activewear as well as a pair of sneakers.

Running is a phenomenal way in order to improve your cardio fitness. In addition, it’s also particularly effective in assisting with weight loss. However, if you’re just starting out in terms of running it can be kind of intimidating. In addition, it takes a lot of hard work to improve your ability.

Two Types Of Runners

There are two categories of runners: those who just run as well as those who are well-balanced athletes:

  • Those who fall into in the latter group cross-train and also perform strength training. They’re usually stronger, healthier as well as more successful athletes who have the ability to keep reaching new levels of performance.
  • On the other hand, the runners who ‘just run tend to get injured often and question why they aren’t able to make much headway over the long term.

Running is pretty tough on the body as you are essentially standing on one leg at a time which requires core strength and good posture. You’re also utilising your legs in order to launch yourself forward. So, building up your strength in the relevant muscles is a great way to improve your running ability.

What Are The Benefits of Strength Training for Runners?

Strength work is the ideal accompaniment to a runner’s training plan and is ideal cross training. One of the main benefits is that it’s a brilliant tool for injury avoidance. Given that runners have the tendency to experience alarmingly high injury rates, it is maybe the most helpful cross training method for them.

The stronger that you get, the stronger your body will become in order to respond to the demands of running. The rhythmic impact of running won’t wear you down so much. In addition, when you’ve got a strong body, any pre-existing conditions will be less likely to get worse. This is because strength training assist with improving structural weaknesses in your body, whether it be in the muscles, joints, or connective tissues. Often, this will remove the source of many common running injuries.

If you’re prepared to upgrade from often-injured, slower runner to a fit, faster athlete, then strength training is ultimately one of the best ways in order to get there. If you’re an injury-inclined runner or if you’re putting in a lot of kilometres on the road, then strength work is an absolute no-brainer. You’ll have the ability to run more, experience fewer overuse injuries will also be able to race faster. And who doesn’t want that?

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