Why Strong Muscles Could Be Linked To Living Longer

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Does staying stronger and developing your muscles assist you with living longer? It’s a very valid question that researchers have been exploring. Until recently years, body mass index (BMI) was a measurement that physicians often made use of in order to determine health. However, we now know that BMI isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Simply put, body mass index gauges your weight as opposed to your height. It doesn’t, however, distinguish fat from muscle. This means that an athletic person – who has significant muscle mass – could earn an unhealthy BMI score in spite of being very fit.

The Importance Of Muscles In Ageing Well

Research shows how important strong muscles are to ageing well. Weight training a few days a week – in order to build or preserve muscle mass – can assist seniors with maintaining core strength and balance. Both are critical in preventing falls, which is a leading cause of disability and even death among older adults.

Strong muscles can actually assist people with living longer and staying active later in their older years. While it’s been recognised that cardio and weightlifting build muscle, new research illustrates the pivotal mechanisms driving this positive dynamic. It turns out that endurance exercise boosts the growth of vital muscle stem cells and fundamentally changes their metabolism. This sets off a cascade of regenerative effects.

Hand grip strength, as you would develop with lifting weights, is a good indicator of health as it’s simple to assess and is a more accurate benchmark of longevity as compared to other common measurements such as muscle mass. This is because if the muscles in your hand and arm are weak, it probably means other muscles – like your heart – are also weak.

What Else Do Strong Muscles Do?

Strong and healthy muscles let you move freely as well as keep your body strong. They assist you with enjoying playing sports, dancing, walking the dog, swimming as well as other physical activities.

Strong muscles also assist with keeping your joints in good shape. If the muscles around your knee, for instance, become weak, you may be more likely to injure that knee. Strong muscles also assist you with keeping your balance so that you are less likely to slip or fall.

Remember that the activities which make your skeletal muscles strong will also help to keep your heart muscle strong.

What Foods Will Help Me Build Muscle?

Both nutrition as well as physical activity are critical if you would like to gain lean muscle.

In order to begin on your road to building muscle, it’s essential to challenge your body with physical activity. However, with no proper nutritional support, your progress will stall. High-protein foods are essential for gaining muscle however carbohydrates as well as fats are also required sources of energy. If your fitness goal is to develop lean muscle, you should concentrate on exercising regularly as well as eating more calories every day from muscle-building foods.

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