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There’s nothing more annoying than putting on a tight-fitting top only to notice that shapeless bra fat that pokes out like a sore thumb. Back fat comes from underdeveloped muscles as well as too much total body fat.

Unless you’re accustomed to performing regular activities such as boxing or rowing, you’re going to need to add exercises which target that area in order to annihilate back fat. Just as with any other body part, we also have to lose fat overall in order to see results. It is not possible to control fat loss in one specific area. This means that a healthy nutritional intake, as well as cardio, are very important along with strengthening those muscles with a set of specific Pilates moves.

So we tapped into the collective knowledge and experience of the graduates of our Pilates instructor Course for the absolute best exercises to hone in on for getting rid of fat in the back area, which seems impossible to tone no matter how many arm exercises we try.

Tripod Twister

  • Start in a plank position. Hold a weight, which is approximately 1 – 2 kg. Make sure that your feet and arms are hip-distance apart.
  • Turn one fist so that it faces the other arm. Twist your body into a side plank and use one arm for support. Extend the other arm up towards sky. Maintain this position for a number of breaths while lifting your bottom ribs and squeezing your abs.
  • Lower and lift your Come back to centre plank. That’s one rep. Repeat on the other side.

Sets: 10

Reps: 3 per side

Big Reveal Plank

  • Start in a side plank. Have one forearm on the mat as well as the other hand behind your head.
  • Lift your hips up a few inches towards the sky all while opening your chest and engaging your core.
  • Twist your upper body down towards your bottom armpit while keeping your hips as squared-off and front-facing as possible. Open back up to side plank. That’s one rep.

Sets: 3

Reps: 15 per side

Pulling Weights

  • Lie on your stomach while holding the weights with your arms extended straight out to your sides. Imagine that you are punching as well as elongating your arms out to your sides in order to achieve the maximum length as well as engagement.
  • Engage your abdominals and then reach your arms back towards your legs. Lift your head and chest. Extend your arms out again while lowering your body back down.

Sets: 1

Reps: 8


  • Lie on your stomach and have your hands flat on the mat directly below your armpits.
  • Engage your abdominals in order to support lower back. Keep your elbows wide, lift your body up a centimetres inches using with your core as well as upper back muscles. Lower back down. That’s one rep.

Sets: 1

Reps: 8


  • Lie on your stomach with your arms as well as legs outstretched.
  • Start fluttering arms in addition to your legs up and down while taking deep, full breaths. Ensure that you keep your abs engaged in order to support lower back. Focus on length, reaching your fingers and toes out long.

Sets: 1

Reps: Perform the movement for 30 seconds

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