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Pilates is an exercise modality which involved controlled movements that concentrate on strengthening your entire body, in particular, your core. It focuses on posture, balance in addition to flexibility – in a similar fashion to Yoga.

It also works on your mind-body connection. When doing Pilates exercises, you need to constantly be aware of your breathing and the way in which your body moves.

This makes Pilates a lot safer than other forms of exercise because you are less prone to injury when you are aware of your body.

Why should you be doing Pilates? Here are some benefits that could persuade you to try it.

Builds core and muscle strength

Your core is the centre of your body. This means that most of our strength, if not all, originates in our core.

Because it concentrates mostly on the core, exercises during Pilates engage your abs and back. Pushing and pulling motions are used to work both sides of muscles simultaneously. This allows the muscles to lengthen and tone.

Increases flexibility, coordination and balance

Your core is also the centre of your balance and coordination. By strengthening your core, the muscles that are responsible for your balance and coordination have more control.

By lengthening your muscles, you also increase your flexibility. They become more pliable, making it easier for them to bend and stretch further than normal.

Reduces the risk of injury

Strengthening and lengthening your core and back muscles through Pilates exercises can reduce your chances of getting injured.

When your core is weak, your muscles can’t support the strain placed on them every day. This can lead to back and other injuries. By exercising them, you increase the muscles’ durability.

It is low impact

Low impact exercises are great for people who are suffering from an injury. It is also a safer workout option for pregnant women.

This is because the slow, controlled movements enable you to still exercise muscles while being aware of your body’s limitations.

It perfects posture

Like with your balance, Pilates can improve your posture by strengthening your core and back muscles.

This is particularly beneficial for people who have to carry around heavy loads daily or even individuals who sit at a desk, behind a computer, for eight hours a day.

When you strengthen your muscles, your core and back are better able to support the stress of hunching over a laptop or carrying heavy things.

Increases weight loss

One of the main reasons most people exercise is to either maintain their weight or lose weight. While Pilates focuses mostly on your core, it also exercises your entire body as we’ve said previously.

Any exercise helps you burn calories, which results in weight-loss. Pilates is no different. However, when you do Pilates regularly, not only does it help you lose weight, it also helps change the shape of your body. It tones your body by creating longer, leaner and stronger muscles.

Pilates is a great way to engage your entire body in low impact, controlled exercises. This means that it not only helps you lose weight and tone your body, but it also improves your balance, flexibility and coordination. By activating the muscles in your core and back, it makes your entire body stronger and more durable, and reduces the chances of you getting injured.

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