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Pilates is a popular workout method that involves a variety of exercises that are designed to develop functional strength as well as flexibility in tandem. In modern fitness, Pilates as a methodology focuses heavily on improving core strength, flexibility, posture in addition to balance.

If you think that Pilates is only for gorgeous women with ballerinas’ bodies, you’re probably not alone. However you — and everyone else who buys into that limited line of thinking — are wrong. Notwithstanding this common misconception, Pilates can be a great workout for everyone – both men and women.

The practice includes all the elements of healthy physical movement: breath, posture, strength, balance, coordination as well as flexibility. Men need to be able to move, as well, so beards and chest hair are just as welcomed and encouraged in the studio as yoga pants are.

Pilates Builds Strength And Uniform Development

Many men spend hours every single week lifting weights, building-up the bigger muscle groups. Unfortunately, they neglect other important muscles which are essential for overall strength. Pilates builds strength in every single part of the body.  In fact, many men find Pilates quite difficult when they first begin. They’re surprised at how little flexibility that they have.

Pilates Increases Flexibility

These days many of us are living an inactive life. We don’t move sufficiently and that has a serious impact on our health as well as longevity. Without flexibility we feel stiff and sore. And no amount of pumping iron will assist. In fact, it may make a stiff spine as well as a stiff neck even worse.

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Pilates Helps To Prevent And Repair Injuries

Back pain, in particular pain in the lower back, is a problem for everyone out there. It’s often owing to jobs which include sitting for hours at a time. Men are also susceptible to having knee and hip problems as they get older. If they’ve been engaged in any sport, they’re sure to have wear and tear problems that need help.

Pilates helps strengthen your body’s structure and support weaknesses that may have developed over years of neglect. Through resistance exercises, it strengthens bones and builds muscles to prevent further injury.

How Popular Is Pilates With Men?

Pilates, in general, is becoming increasingly popular with men. This involves athletes, fitness enthusiasts as well as working professionals who are hoping to counteract the effect of static positions, for example extended periods of sitting.

As Pilates at first grew in popularity, it was mostly marketed to women and associated with dancers only. Now, men are realising this is far from the truth. As professional athletes across many sporting disciplines add Pilates into their practice those stereotypes have fallen by the wayside. In addition, many individuals (not just men) have come to realise the versatility of Pilates.

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