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If you run a fitness business, or are looking to start, you may find that techniques enhancing your customers’ strength, speed and power are a valuable addition to the programmes you provide. This is why so many trainers incorporate sports conditioning exercises in their routines. Whether you run a private fitness facility or are looking to become a sports coach, sports conditioning will help you to improve the stamina and strength-building potential of your clients. Here are the top reasons to become a sports conditioning coach and make a success of your fitness business.

What is Sports Conditioning?

Sports conditioning involves physical fitness programmes that have two main aims: to improve athletic performance and to prevent athletic injuries. Just as no two athletes are the same, no two sports conditioning programmes are the same. Each programme will depend on the athlete’s age, skill level, sport, and personal preference. As a result, a sports conditioning coach must have a deep understanding of each clients’ strengths, weaknesses, and personal athletic goals.

Preventing injuries is a crucial component of sports conditioning. A sport conditioning coach will focus on eliminating muscle imbalances, addressing flexibility issues, and strengthening tendons and ligaments, in order to prevent the risk of injury. This can be beneficial to every type of athlete, whether amateur or professional. In addition, sports conditioning helps athletes to improve the following:

  • Their performance
  • Overall strength
  • Speed, agility and gait
  • Power through strength and plyometrics
  • Confidence

Why specialise in sports conditioning?

Becoming a sports conditioning coach will give your fitness business an edge. Not only will you have a wide range of athletes to work with across multiple disciplines, but you will always have work.  Sports conditioning is needed by athletes throughout the year, so whether it’s in season or off-season, you will be guaranteed business. In addition, if you offer this kind of training, you will ensure that all your athletes perform better and with more confidence.

How does it benefit your athletes?

Sports conditioning has profound benefits for athletes who undertake it. First, building strength and power increases your speed and agility. If your athletes can improve their speed and power, they will achieve better overall results in their sport. Also, building strength limits the likelihood that athletes will sustain injuries during physical activity, training and matches. In other words, your team will be in peak condition each time they perform. If your athletes do sustain injuries, which is likely to happen at least once in their careers, your training will enable them to recover quicker.

How it can add to your business?

If you are running a fitness business, offering sports conditioning will add to an attractive repertoire of programmes that you can offer your clients. Those athletes looking specifically for sports conditioning will be more likely to try your training and any other training that you may offer. Sports conditioning will always be a relevant and valuable offering, so adding it to your arsenal will only bring you more business. With all the benefits that it provides, you are bound to attract athletes of every skill level, age and ability.

What accreditation do you need?

To become a sports conditioning coach, you will need to undergo specialised training. This is because it needs to be properly understood and approached with professional care in order to get it right, avoid injuries and to achieve measurable results. To this end, it is crucial for those looking to gain this qualification, to study a course that not only provides the necessary knowledge, but also awards local and international accreditation.

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