What a sports manager does

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Sports managers handle the organisational aspects of their clients. Athletes themselves – as well entire organisations – will hire agents to ensure that everything goes well off the field. To become a sports manager you will have to study a Sports Management Certification . Such a certification will definitely increase your chances of finding a job.

Job description

A sports manager has numerous responsibilities which mainly revolve around their clients being able to focus on winning without having to worry about the business side of the sport. Agents will deal with contractual issues but it is up to the managers to ensure the athlete gets everything they need to keep performing at their peak.  (For an real-world example of what a sports manager’s job description entails, click here.)


The duties of a sports manager will usually vary depending on their clientele. Some sports managers will be responsible for a single athlete and they must keep them in good physical condition. This can vary from hiring personal trainers to resolving personal conflicts between the team and the individual athlete. “As a sports manager,” says Denise Stern, “you’ll be making deals with owners and players while keeping budget constraints in mind.”

The duties of a sports manager

The manager is also a spokesperson for their client and they make sure all their needs are met and that they’re in the best possible position to do well. They will also have to sort out any conflicts between the athlete and the media to ensure the former maintains a good public image.

When a sports manager is the manager of an entire team, the duties can be quite different:

  • The sports manager will work with an entire organisation and they will ensure that the network required for everything to run smoothly is well organised and is a well-oiled machine. This will involve working between the owners of the organisation or club and the players as well as liasing with the marketing department to ensure the team carries a positive image.


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